12 Minutes In Flight.


I am so freakin’ old school.

It’s not that I’m proud…just honest. If you look closely at these cassettes, you’ll see Peter Cetera and CHICAGO printed boldly on the front. I feel old as sh*t telling you this…but I have had these two plastic pieces of goodness for close to 20 years. I may very well be the last person on the planet who still has tapes in her possession. 

These were the only cassettes left in my coveted 90s collection. And yesterday, they finally hit the trash.

Here’s why:

Hubs and I bought a new car this weekend. (Okay, not new, but new to us.) And surprisingly, newer cars don’t come with tape decks. WTF? Cars now-a-days have outlets, USB ports, hot spots, navigation, seat warmers…every last thing a girl could want…but no easy to use, reliable, fool-proof, catapult you back to the 80s in a flash, simple freakin’ tape deck.

For hells sakes. What has happened to the world? Where have I been? How did sh*t evolve this much without me noticing? If you already knew this, forgive me — I can be slow. 

As part of the deal, we traded in Hubs worn out 2002, (yes, I said 2002), 2-wheel drive, beat to hell Ford Escape.


Before we dropped it off at the dealership, I convinced him we needed a ceremony of sorts — to thank the car for it’s years of loyal service, and to release it to it’s new owners with love and good intention.

If you know me, you already know I’m a little bat sh*t and all kinds of emotional. It’s hard to let go of anything that’s been in your life for THAT long. So while I was happy to be getting new wheels, I was a tad bit sad to see the great Escape go. 

Hubs asked what I had in mind for my parting-of-the-ways-last-hurrah-hoopla.

I replied, “Let’s throw Midas in the back, roll down all the windows and take one last trip through our neighborhood. Only this time, lets not slow down for the 14 speed bumps. Let’s blast over those suckers at Mach 12 like we’re Bonnie and Clyde.

He consented. (He too already knows his wife is bat sh*t — so he’s never really left with any other choice than to oblige.)

And that’s EXACTLY what we did.

Holy Christ. I haven’t laughed that hard, or that loud, in months. I had tears pouring down my face. Midas clued in pretty quick that the best thing for him to do was lay his a** down in the back. Even Hubs smiled his head off the entire 12 minutes we were in flight. 

Here are my lessons:

  • Be damn thankful we aren’t still in the 80s when the only music tool we had available was the Walkman. Be equally thankful we’re not still rockin’ the mid 90s — when you were forced to carry a portable CD player in a tune belt. (Am I the only one who remembers these?) Thank you Jesus for whoever invented mp3 players.
  • Celebrate everything — including the small, seemingly insignificant events in your life. There are many-a-times I’ve taken a pass on all things celebration because I feared ridicule or judgement. Today, I openly don’t care. You ran a mile? Awesomesauce. You crawled out of bed the day after a long run? F*ing right on. You skipped the ice cream and opted for the apple? Well, that totally sucks. But high fives to you anyway.

Today I’m celebrating cassette tapes, ceremonies and laughing so hard that you freakin’ cry.



P.S. Don’t forget! If you ran a race this weekend, post YOUR happy, smiling face to the FB timeline, www.facebook.com/BrooksFirstMarathon or email it to me (brook.kreder@gmail.com) and I’ll post it for you. I would love to cheer and celebrate YOUR awesome accomplishments!

P.S.S. Did you have a Walkman or a tune belt? If you have an awesome story…come over and share! www.Facebook.com/BrooksFirstMarathon.

P.P.S.S. Donna — thanks for the kick a** headband and the key fob that both scream 26.2. Seriously sole sister, I love and appreciate your thoughtfulness more than you know. And we’ll be celebrating YOUR marathon when the time comes!  XO


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  1. Paula Onysko June 9, 2013 at 9:39 pm #

    SO AWESOME BROOK! I love how you are continuing to share life lessons, inspire greatness and perhaps most importantly make people laugh – all through the eyes, ears, heart and voice of Brook.

    Love ya,


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