15 Runner Texts That Are Actually Hilarious.

Runner Texts Final

You already know… I’ve been at this whole ‘running’ thing for a while now.

And along the way, I’ve picked up a dozen or so cell phone numbers from Sole Sisters around the U.S. who, from time to time, feel compelled to share their raw, honest, “Oh sh*t!” truth(s) about what REALLY happens while they’re either 1) Out on the road 2) Preparing for a run or 3) Post miles.

Today, I’m sharing some of the funniest + best texts I’ve ever received. (If one of these is from you, you’ll definitely know it.) I hope you love reading them as much as I loved getting them. Enjoy!

“Damn my kids! (j/k) But seriously, don’t they know mommy’s running a MARATHON in the morning?”

“I was planning to run intervals… but then the lovely beach and free maitai called my name. Oh well.”

“Sonofa… I overslept. Will touch base this evening when wkout is done! Feel like a big fat loser! (But a well rested one…)”

“Yeah… I got nothing. Woke up in a FOUL mood & instead of sweating it out I rolled over.”

“What kind of protein powder do you use?” [I tell her] “Why did you choose that brand?” [It doesn’t give me gas.] “You get gas? OMG! I thought I was the only one who could toot my way through the finish line with one long rip to spare.”

“Bing, bang, boom! Got my sh*t in order and knocked out four miles, whoop whoop!”

“This week blows! My nutrition has been wretched. Think rum and diet coke. For dinner. I acknowledge my errors. It stops right now.”

“Apparently I squat like a mad man.” [Me: Better shoot a video so we can spy your form!] “Knowing my luck I would probably split my pants on that video.”

“I was almost your first testimonial on sharting about mile 8. ;/ It must have been that damn sunshine pushing the last of the lightning out of my a**!”

“OMG – 6 miles from home and last weekend’s Imodium is deciding it wants to work out! This may get ugly…”

“I’m fairly certain I’ve eaten enough fruit salad today that tomorrow’s 5 mile run could be interesting…”

“Um… so ever had a** crack rash? Me neither. Oh wait, who am I kidding… I do! As soon as I lowered my a** into the tub I screamed.”

“Yesterday’s penance involved Spin AND Pilates. Good God, marathon training didn’t kill me but this sh*t might!”

“My body isn’t used to running when it’s full of 3 meals. Mile 2-4 I didn’t know if I needed to puke or crap. Mile 4.5 verified I indeed needed to sh*t… luckily at a park bathroom. I most likely won’t run more than 3 miles in the evening.”

[Me: I just finished a fartlek workout.] Her: Ha! You just said the word fart. [Me: I’ve said a hell of a lot worse.]

And so it goes…



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And finally, here’s what our staging area looked like pre-workout yesterday. (Open water swim + bike ride.) See what I mean? It’s like you’re moving out of your freakin’ house. 

tri staging area

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