The 24 Hour [Sprint Tri] Countdown: Finally, All Bets Are On Me.

wet suit 5.18.1424 hours from now, I’ll have finished my first (ever) triathlon.

And let me just say that this week, my bipolar tendencies have been stuck in OVERDRIVE. I’ve had tears in my eyes daily. I’ve had the sh*ts more than a girl should ever admit. I’ve given myself permission to quit more times than I can count. And I’ve had a few stern ‘come to Jesus’ meetings [with myself] in the mirror – if for no other reason than to convince my subconscious mind I’m a warrior for simply for showing up.

(I think all I’ve really managed to do is wear myself the f* out. Anyhoo…)

Today as I write this, I know in my bones that sans packet pick up later today, there is absolutely nothing left to do but let the chips fall where they may. I’ve been training for this event, (and a beastly marathon, too), for the last 146 days. And I know, without hesitation, I’ve done everything humanly possible to guarantee a graceful finish.

That said, as one last ditch effort to calm my vibrating nerves this morning, I decided to add up all the miles I’ve logged since January in preparation for this “Oh sh*t, please just let me live,” event. (One can never have enough ‘proof’ if you know what I mean.) Here’s where the numbers shook out…

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve swam 50.3 miles.

I’ve biked 560.4 and run 424.8.

I’ve facilitated, (and been the sole participant of), 43 weight training sessions… and had a grand sum total of 10, (yes 10), days off.

(DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. If you’re going to pass on rest days I highly recommend you work with a professional so you don’t kill or injure yourself in the process.) Note: These totals don’t include my time on the rower, the elliptical, walking Midas around my neighborhood or any other form of torture I’ve elected to endure.

Why am I sharing this today?

For one, to further convince myself I’ve done ENOUGH.

Two, to be completely transparent about what one might expect training for their first tri. (Keep in mind there’s marathon mileage in these totals, too.)

And three, I want a way to recall the reverence, awe and fear I feel/felt leading up to this event.

Note: I remember how scared I was at the start line of my first marathon. I knew I had done the work… but you never know ‘for sure for sure’ that you’re capable of running 26.2 holy sweet mother of pearl miles until you step across the finish line.

I feel the same way about this sprint tri. (Hey, you don’t know ‘til you know, right?)

But here’s what I DO know: When you worry… it’s like you’re [literally] betting against yourself.

So from now ‘til the finish line tomorrow, all bets are on me.



P.S. Thanks for letting me share so honestly. Gawd bless this sh*t feels hard, scary, terrible and so freakin’ mind-blowing all in the same breath. Look for a post-race update next week. Xo

P.S.S. Have tri advice for a newbie? Come chat me up at

P.S.S.S. If you missed the story about my FIRST marathon – you can find the book on Amazon here. (Kindle version is $3.99 – one of the cheapest laughs around!)

And finally, I shot this video just for you…

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