38 Things I No Longer Believe About Running

First 5kLet me share a quick bit about my evolution of sole.

Four years ago, Hubs and I were at the dinner table scheming and dreaming about all of the fun sh*t we should do in 2011. Things like take a 2 week vacation. Climb a 14’er. Rent side by sides in the mountains for a week. The conversation was mostly going in my favor, (meaning everything I wanted to do was making the list), when he pipe’s up and says, “I think you should run your first 5k next year.”

I remember rolling my eyes and replying, “No way man, that sh*t’s definitely not for me.” But after an hour or two of relentless goading [on his part] I conceded with a, “Fine! I’m in! I’ve got this! Let’s roll.”

It took me four SOLID months to train for that 5k. (Did you know you can move from a half to a full in the time it takes to train for your first 5k? Crazy.) And over the next several years I worked my way up to a 5-miler, a few 10k’s, 3 halfs, 3 fulls and a half-Ironman. (The pic up top is me at my first 5k… Gawd, I look so enthused!)

Here’s what I learned:

There’s an enormous gap between what I ‘thought’ running would be and the ‘truth’ of what it is for me today. You see, when I first started shuffling mailbox to mailbox I had all these pre-conceived notions about what made someone a runner. (I.e. the gear, their pace, how many races they’d run, if they ran consistently, how far they could run w/o stopping, if they ‘looked’ like a runner (whatever the hell that means), etc.)

Now, I know the truth. (If you THINK you’re a runner… you are.)

So today, I’m sharing some of the things I no longer believe about running. (And thank God I don’t.) ‘Cause it’s myths + misperceptions like these that stop all of us from chasing epic. Enjoy!

38 Things I No Longer Believe About Running

  1. It’s for elite athletes only (#longlivetheweekendwarrior #ifshecanicantoo)
  2. You have to run sub 8 min/miles to call yourself a runner (#Idnevermakeit #runyourpace)
  3. Injuries only happen to newbies (#dontbeafool #trainsmart)
  4. The sport takes more than it gives (#neverlies #longtimeloveaffair)
  5. You can get faster without running intervals (#showmehow #sorryitstrue)
  6. It’s cheap, easy and/or free (#hahaha #’nuffsaid)
  7. Intervals will split your lungs or burst your heart (#noexcuses #intervalssuck #do’emanyway)
  8. You can reach your highest potential without a coach (#lesseffortmorereward, #worththemoney)
  9. Crapping, puking or passing gas can’t/won’t happen (#justamatteroftime #dontbeajoker)
  10. You can run without strength/cross-training + stay healthy (#riskybusiness #ifyoucanluckyyou)
  11. Runner safety is for overachievers (#mace #kick’eminthechicklets)
  12. Running is the ONLY way to say fit (#nottrue #thankgod #multisport)
  13. You have to be a marathoner to call yourself a runner (#ignorant #amileisamile)
  14. Running is a modest + dainty sport (#peeoutside #otherbodilyfluids)
  15. One pair of running shoes is enough (#amansaidthis #nottrue)
  16. You’ll PR every time you run a race (#itdbenice #workharder)
  17. You must run daily to call yourself a runner (#junkmiles #dontdrinkthekoolaid)
  18. Every run is a good run (#getoverit #comebackstronger)
  19. The fear/excitement you feel signing up for a new distance goes away (#whathaveidone #liveforthisshit)
  20. Your GARMIN must be strapped to your wrist during EVERY run (#flysolo #runbyfeel)
  21. You can buy the right shoes without being fitted (#neverskimp #grouchydawgs)
  22. You can reach your highest potential without REST DAYS (#whywouldyouwantto #areyouworkinghardenough)
  23. It’s not okay to ‘call’ a run or walk off the course when necessary (#healthfirst, #noshame)
  24. Crappy runs are someone else’s fault (#youwish #noonetoblame)
  25. Running is a solo sport (#solesistersrock #solebrostoo)
  26. Matching gear will make you run faster (#letitbe #girlslovegear)
  27. You’re in competition with everyone else (#youknowbetter #keepyoureyesonyourowngame)
  28. Every person on the planet innately knows how far half and full marathons are (#noclue)
  29. It’s a sure fire way to lose weight (#thereareeasierways)
  30. You can eat anything you want with zero consequence (#heartburn #puking #alllies)
  31. Every finish line snapshot will be sensational (#whotakesthesepictures #terribleform)
  32. Every friend you ever had wants to hear about your finish lines (#wontreturnmycalls)
  33. It’s only for the young + fit + happy + hot (#sneakylie #oldpeoplerule)
  34. Every pair of shoes you buy will be cute, cute, cute (#functionalwins #uglyrules)
  35. Training for mega-races does not affect your relationships (#nosexbeforea20miler #asleepbyeight)
  36. You will never fall, trip, skid and/or bust your a** on the road (#goodluckwiththat)
  37. It comes easier to everyone else than it does you (#workyourassoff)
  38. Running doesn’t help with depression, stress, overcoming bad habits, disordered eating, workaholic tendencies, self-worth, fear and any other brand of crazy I/you/we can muster (#starveyourcrazy #lovethissport #itswhowebecome)

Now it’s your turn. What do YOU no longer believe about running? Come chat me up and together we’ll inspire a few more people to rock the road with us next year.



P.S. I’m debuting my singing voice to the amazing women in my Sole Sisterhood on Christmas day. (OMG… it’s terrible!) If you want to get a copy of my 12 days of training holiday video, join the sisterhood here.

P.S.S. I got a nice note from Kelly last week – she wrote, “Brook — I cannot put your book down. I signed up for my first full last week and am scared to death. Thanks for sharing your story… it helped calm my nerves and lit a fire under my a** !! You rock.” You can snag your copy on Amazon, here.

P.S.S.S. Ever heard of arm knitting? Me either ‘til a few weeks ago. I’m so bad at it I almost cried I was laughing so hard… (yeah, this is my infinity scarf. Little holey don’t you think?!)

arm knitting

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