58 Practical Holiday Gifts Every Runner Will Love! (Most under $30)

58 Practical GiftsObviously, Christmas is right around the corner.

Which means unless I get proactive, I’m about to be left holding the bag on all sorts of running related gifts I find impractical, unnecessary and utterly ridiculous. Since I started running a few years back, my family + friends have mysteriously forgotten my love of vodka and all things White House Black Market. Instead, they work hard to give items they think my inner-road warrior will applaud – awkward gifts like fingerless gloves, a camo headband screaming “I ran a 5k!” and a bunch of t-shirts that are simply too ugly, (or waaaaaay too tight), to wear in public.

I know if this happens to me it probably happens to you, too.  Which is exactly why I spent 15 minutes walking around my house this morning – to take physical inventory of all the things that contributed to my running/tri journey in a meaningful way this year.

Surprisingly, nearly all of the items I wrote down during my scavenger hunt are super practical. Even BETTER is that most cost less than $30 bucks. (White elephant or stocking stuffers anyone?)

But in my humble opinion, ALL of them belong in the Non-Runners Guide to Buying Perfect Running Gifts.

So here’s how this works:

Read through this list of 58 Holiday Gift Ideas for Runners. Print it out. Circle what you’d like to have. Add a few items of your own at the bottom. (Come tell me what you added here.) Hand it over (or forward!) to the people who buy for you. And be prepared to have a blissed out, ‘I love everything I got’ kind of holiday.

58 {Practical} Holiday Gifts Every Runner Will Love 


  • A hall-pass from housework
  • A cheering squad on race day
  • Guilt-free naps after a long run

Under $20



Books + Magazines

Clothing + Accessories

Misc. + Other

Add Your Items Here:






(You can thank me later.)



P.S. I should probably tell you I am NOT an affiliate of Amazon… just addicted to 2-day shipping. And… don’t forget to tell me what you’d add here!

P.S.S. My next post? 12 Days of Christmas. And hear me when I tell you… you’re getting a video with me SINGING. So if it burns your eyes or bursts your ear drums… sorry. Xo

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