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Abbie Solberg on Sole Nation with Brook Kreder

This girl’s story is going to inspire you and make you want to chase marathons. Abbie Solberg is from Steam Boat Springs, CO. In the last 13 months she has run 5, count them 5, marathons. She has also run 16 half marathons, is a mother of one, and works for a company I love dearly, Smartwool.

She is so inspirational, and she’s got some really powerful words in this interview. Listen in to hear why her family’s health issues inspired her to run her first marathon, why she’s taking time off, and how she’s working on balancing family and racing.

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To me it was something that became very personal: it was more than just me running my first marathon, it was me doing it for other people. And that made it so much more motivating.” – Abbie Solberg

Show Notes:

  • How running has helped her lose weight
  • When she started running
  • How training in Colorado helps her racing
  • The influence of her runner friend
  • The excitement of finishing her first race
  • How the health of her family inspired her to run
  • Why she panicked when she signed up for her first marathon
  • The fear that surrounds the bigger number of miles

You have to have bad days to appreciate the good ones.” – Abbie Solberg

  • Why she loves having a running buddy
  • The energy of the NY Marathon
  • How she ended up signing up for Paris
  • Why she decided to take some time off
  • Why she’s thinking about trying ultra running
  • How she balances family and racing
  • Why you have to decide you want to do it

I do really like this distance now, and now I’m changing my thinking a little bit and thinking more about quality over quantity.” – Abbie Solberg

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Honestly I feel like the hardest part of training is the mind. Your body can go, it’s your head that gets in the way.” – Abbie Solberg


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