The Movement


The Sole Revolution is a Movement for Women Who Run. Hard.

But this isn’t a movement about running.

It’s about change.

Moving forward.

Reawakening our grit.

We don’t always LOVE the sport, but we love who we become in the process.

We aren’t elite athletes, but we push for personal bests. Because we push to be our personal best.

We’ve learned something about ourselves that we can’t unlearn — that we can do this.

We can run hard, even when we run against the grain.

We open up. We commit. We stick with it. 

We dive — heart, body and soul — into something truly honest, sweaty, messy, and real.

The road doesn’t lie.

And when the rest of the world doesn’t get it — when they think we’re crazy, too hard on ourselves, too driven — we get it.

At the core of this movement is a sisterhood – a group of women getting comfortable with the uncomfortable — with unrivaled sass and spirit…

Pushing through our bull sh*t limits and boundaries.

Ditching the rules and nixing the excuses.

Slaying fear.

Because we know on the other side of fear, hesitation, and taking yourself too seriously, is something so much bigger.

Something so much more genuine.

You know it. You feel it… when you run. Your sisters feel it too.

You you know it’s not really about running at all. It’s about memories we make along the way…

Join the Sole Sisterhood today.


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