22 Becca Evans – Utah-Based Athlete Chases Ironman

Becca Evans on Sole Nation with Brook Kreder

I’m excited this week to share my conversation with athlete Becca Evans. Becca is currently training for her first full Ironman, and is also running her first full marathon in a couple weeks!

A natural swimmer, Becca has long been challenged by running races. Slowly, she has pushed her boundaries, and surprised plenty of people by signing up for an Ironman with her mom.

This lady is energetic and awesome, and I can’t wait for you to hear us talk about her plans for the swim, why she loves her bike, and why her family is such a big part of this process.

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You think you’d be so happy and you’re so awesome, but to miss that goal by thirty seconds was heartbreaking for me.”

Show Notes:

  • How she group up a lazy athlete
  • Why she hated her first half marathon
  • How her mom got her to sign up for an Ironman
  • How important the mental aspect of training is
  • How she felt the first time she rode 100 miles on her bike
  • Why she’s been swimming from a very young age
  • What’s her plan for the open water swim

I think as women a lot we don’t allow ourselves to think that we’re so awesome. You have every right at the finish line to be like, I’m awesome.”

  • Why the bike is so freeing
  • How clip-in pedals changed her biking
  • What happened when she got in a bike accident
  • How she’s balancing training with her family life
  • Why you have to brush off the negativity
  • How racing has led to a newfound self-love

You can do hard things. And if you set your mind to a goal, you can totally do it.”

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I have found this newfound love for myself and how strong I am, how confident I am, and how many awesome things I can accomplish.”

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