Can’t Stay Motivated? 41 Reasons to Get Off Your A** When You Don’t Feel Like It.

41 Reasons finalLast week my motivation was MIA.

Actually, it wasn’t really missing… it was GONE. Like a sayonara, screw you, so long, see ya sister you’re on your own kind of thing. I believe a number of factors contributed to its disappearance… for one, lugging this boot around wears me out. Two, I was bleeding. Three, I spent 5+ hours on my [bike] trainer in a window-less corner of my basement. And finally, my shuffle decided now was the ideal time to break up with iTunes.

It was a b*tch of a week.

But here’s what’s crazy: Even though I was in the middle of hatin’ every last thing about my life, I didn’t skip a workout. Not one. (I don’t say this to brag… just sharing my logic.) Here’s why:

Because deep down in the darkest part of my endurance loving soul, I know all of these seemingly tiny, sometimes difficult, ‘I hate this sh*t’ steps are what add up to one very sexy finish line.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this. (Actually, it crosses my mind everyday as I’m doing squats, push-ups or some other form of self-torture.) And here’s what I’ve come up with: I’ve got 76 days ‘til Austin. And not all of them are going to be a bucket of hell yeah. So I’ve got to do everything in my power to keep my head in the game and my a** on the rails ‘til d-day.

Which is exactly why I decided to write 41 Reasons to Get Off Your A** When You Don’t Feel Like It. It’s basically 41 reasons why I, (or you, or anyone), should get a move on when our give-a-damns are broken. I’ve printed this list out and taped it to my forehead. (Okay, it’s on my nightstand to combat any early morning excuses.) If you find this list useful, feel free to do the same.

41 Reasons to Get Off Your A** When You Don’t Feel Like It

  1. Skinny jeans
  2. 2, 4, 6, 8 think of all that sh*t you ate
  3. Madonna arms
  4. PRs, PBs, PVs
  5. Runner’s high (I.e. endorphins)
  6. Pride
  7. To prove someone wrong
  8. To prove someone right
  9. To prove yourself wrong
  10. To prove yourself right
  11. Bragging rights
  12. Dessert + other ‘oh sh*t’ binges
  13. For the day your partner finally notices your a** is tighter.
  14. Future bling (I.e. medals)
  15. Sense of accomplishment + self-satisfaction
  16. It boosts your self-esteem.
  17. You feel better when you’re done.
  18. Post-workout beverages (Chocolate milk, beer)
  19. New shoes + gear
  20. Window decals (13.1, 26.2, 70.3)
  21. To clear your mind
  22. Because the guilt + shame when you don’t sucks.
  23. Because you CAN.
  24. Because your friends on the East Coast are already done.
  25. Because you’re worth it.
  26. To inspire + motivate others.
  27. Because you’re a card-carrying member of the ‘Peeps Who Do’ club.
  28. To keep your base.
  29. So your mental health doesn’t go MIA. (And to starve your mean.)
  30. You sleep + look + feel better.
  31. For the, “Holy sh*t, you got hot!” factor.
  32. An upcoming 10, 20 or 30 year class reunion.
  33. To be an example to your kids.
  34. So your a** doesn’t end up like Kim Kardashians. (Is that mean?!)
  35. Because you’re a woman of her word.
  36. You already paid your coach.
  37. To avoid double chins + saggy skin.
  38. A closet full of clothes that actually FIT.
  39. Because feeling unprepared at a start line sucks.
  40. You’re not a quitter.
  41. Consistency courts momentum.

Are these ALL of the reasons someone would get off their a** when they don’t feel like it? Not even close. So what’d I miss? Come share the tips, magic and/or secret potions YOU use to stay motivated and together, we’ll re-write the rule book on ‘Rockin’ Your Training Moxie’.



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