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28-Day Estrogen Forecast.

This is my new bible. Above is a pic of the 99 cent calendar I’m using to chart my monthly estrogen and progesterone cycles. Now before you go there, no… I’m not trying to have a baby. (Can you imagine?) Nope… this is me attempting to forecast which days are the best (and worst!) for […]

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One Colossal Swipe.

I freakin’ love this time of year. It’s not that I love, love, love the weather, but I totally dig the feeling of a fresh start. (Anyone?) It’s almost like January 1st offers us a one-time colossal swipe of all things sh*t from our lives… so we can once again move forward with a renewed […]

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The Unedited Version of the Truth.

Here’s what committing to your first marathon looks like. This is LeAnn Cady shouting “Hell Yes!” to her first marathon while she was with me for her VIP day in Denver. Okay… I agree. Shout is likely too strong a word. It was more like, “OMG, what the bleep, bleep, bleep am I getting myself into?” (Did you […]

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Chasing Epic.

I believe we’re all here to do epic sh*t. And for me, epic sh*t means chasing goals that undeniably stretch us. It means taking action, even when we’re scared witless. It’s pioneering a new path even if we don’t know where the road will lead. It’s facing forward, regardless of what life tosses our way. […]

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A Truckload of Chuckles.

I can’t stand excuses. And that’s not to say I never make or have any. I totally do. I have a stack of sh*t a mile high on my desk that’s demanding my attention — and I keep telling myself I’ll do it tomorrow. And tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. (Things like reconfirming my health […]

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