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Skin The F*ing Cat.

Monday I was diagnosed with tendinitis. And of course…it’s in my right freakin’ knee, the one area of my body that truly needs to be in the game to run a bloody marathon. (Okay, anything lower half is pretty damn important when you’re a runner.) I’d have settled for tendinitis in my wrist, elbow, hell, […]

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Does Natural Doping Work?

I put my first 14er in the bag yesterday. Hiking a 14-er has been on my bucket list for a loooong time. (If you live in Colorado, you really have no excuse…it’s kind of expected that sometime in your life you WILL do this.) The journey to the top of Quandary Peak reminded me a […]

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Are You Freakin’ Prancercising?

I can hardly go in public anymore without causing some kind of fracas. Last night, I met my good friend and 100 Days of Sole Challenge member Lori Crete (left) at a local Marriott. She had 90 minutes open in her otherwise packed schedule, so I grabbed my video camera and scooted over to catch […]

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My First Rodeo.

I rendezvoused with a rowing machine this morning.  Truth be told, Hubs and I were scheduled to hike our first 14er today, but several crappy, nothing-you-can-do-about-it reasons got in the way. (Think weather, work, etc.) Instead of burying my a** under the covers, which I could have easily done, I drove, half asleep, to the […]

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pool 7.18.13

250,000 Gallons Of Water.

I am by no stretch a strong swimmer. Thank you Jesus that my Mom had the wisdom and foresight to sign me up for swimming lessons at our local YMCA. I don’t remember loving to swim then, but somehow, I magically graduated through the ranks and made it all the way to Minnow. (Although 30 […]

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Monica and Brook

Bad A** Brand Of Fun.

I unapologetically took the weekend off. The last time Hubs and I got away was September 2012. (Eight freakin’ months! I know, right?) The hardest part to stomach is that we’re not even responsible for (or to!) anyone else on the planet – sans Midas. Which means there is no one else to blame but […]

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