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Cycling Sagas: Pep talking your privates and gnawing gnats like a champion.

Yesterday, Black Betty Bam-a-lam and I put up 30 miles. Before hopping on the saddle, I had a firm, yet reasonable, talk with my undercarriage. It basically went something like, “You’re lubed, padded, positioned and ready for the road. I’ve done everything humanly possible, (short of shooting you with morphine), to make this expedition sufferable. […]

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15 Sneaky Lies Runners Tell.

For a long time, I thought running made an honest woman of me. But last night, after a lengthy (and hilarious!) conversation with Hubs, I realized that’s simply not the case. While catching up on a few episodes of Parenthood, I pulled out a piece of paper and wrote down a handful of things I […]

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Dear Body Parts: Apologies in Advance.

I have some damn lofty goals this year. In the back of my mind, I have one KingPin, (the mother of all goals), two B-rated goals, and a handful of easy-to-get, confidence building C level intentions. My KingPin this year, (should I finally man up and commit), would be to complete my first half-Ironman on […]

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