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T-Minus 24 Hours.

I’m 24 hours from burning down marathon No. 2. And truth be told, I’m WIRED. All week, I’ve been slaying the sh*t on my to-do list so I could spend the weekend in Portland, Oregon. Yesterday, it hit me that I’m officially, (and finally!), staring down 26.2 again. Am I brilliant or out of my […]

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When To Pull The Plug.

I am beyond freakin’ grouchy today. Before I start complaining my head off, let me quickly say I’m only sharing this b/c I believe in telling the whole TRUTH. (Not just the sunny side.) A part of me wanted to put my head in a hole or go drown my realizations at a local pub […]

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Skin The F*ing Cat.

Monday I was diagnosed with tendinitis. And of course…it’s in my right freakin’ knee, the one area of my body that truly needs to be in the game to run a bloody marathon. (Okay, anything lower half is pretty damn important when you’re a runner.) I’d have settled for tendinitis in my wrist, elbow, hell, […]

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“I Feel So Ashamed.”

I’ve spent $600 on running shoes this year. I know, right? Honestly, I think it’s probably a little more, but Hubs reads the blog so I have to watch what I say. I broke down and bought pair No. 5 immediately following my 22 mile epic busting of the a** session Saturday. Why? Well…it seems […]

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Chasing The Big Boys.

I burned down 22 freakin’ miles this weekend. Although “burned down” is a little too hard core for what it really looked like. I haven’t yet mustered the courage to look at the stats on my Garmin. Part of me knows my time was slow as sh*t; part of me doesn’t want to care. You […]

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Staring Down Twenty.

I’ve run 20 (or more) miles four times in my life. This is on my mind b/c tomorrow I’m up for my first 20 mile run since the marathon. (I know, right?) It’s been almost 3 full months, to the day, since I’ve asked my body to perform heroic acts and put up a number […]

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red rocks

3 Lessons & Some Hell Yes.

I’m easing into training for marathon No. 2. Albeit nothing feels freakin’::easy:: about it. Yesterday, for the first time in the history of my life, I ran UP a hill in my neighborhood. Multiple times. On PURPOSE. (Which was the worst part.) This morning, I wrecked myself for an hour and fifteen minutes at Red […]

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