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becky wacker

Jesus Knows What You Did.

Seems like I have a lot of “firsts” these days. Today, I was scheduled to run a half-marathon and didn’t make the start line. I sincerely hope they put me down as a DNS (did not start) instead of DFL (dead f*ing last). I also hope our federal government, with all their ridiculous new tracking […]

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dr walker 6.12.13

In Lieu of Self-Diagnosing.

Every time I turn around I’m coming full circle. Yesterday, I broke down and made a doctor’s appointment. It’s been over a week and my knee and elbow still feel like a**. Instead of self-diagnosing, (which is SO my M.O.), I decided I’d leave this one up to peeps who are much smarter than I. […]

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12 Minutes In Flight.

I am so freakin’ old school. It’s not that I’m proud…just honest. If you look closely at these cassettes, you’ll see Peter Cetera and CHICAGO printed boldly on the front. I feel old as sh*t telling you this…but I have had these two plastic pieces of goodness for close to 20 years. I may very […]

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Full-Blown Digger.

This is my left knee. I know…sexy as hell, right? This morning, while out walking Midas, I took a full-on digger. Think entire body, face down, splashed along the left hand side of the road. Not only was it one of the ugliest things I have ever done in public…but it bruised my ego and […]

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Uplevel 2

“Hell Maybe” Camp.

I’m safely back in Denver. After three days of rock-starring it in Atlanta (and the wicked humidity)…I made it home, washed a few loads of laundry, ate a frozen Kashi enchilada “dinner in a box” and slept in my own damn bed. I have to be honest, I think humidity cures wrinkles. My skin felt […]

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15 weights

How Bad Can It Be?

Meet my new 15 pound hand weights. I had no idea how expensive dumbbells were. I picked these suckers up on sale earlier this week at at a local sporting goods store for $50 bucks. I thought about only buying one….but the last thing I need is another reason to run around lopsided.  A few […]

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Red Rocks 5.30.13

Never Say Never.

I almost killed myself at Red Rocks today. Andi invited me to participate in her weekly “busting of the a**” session at our local amphitheater. Most people visit Red Rocks to see a concert and guzzle a few beers. But not me. No sir. I went to have my a** handed to me by no […]

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Bolder Boulder 5.27.13

One. Freakin’. Speed.

Yesterday Hubs and I ran the Bolder Boulder 10k. Nearly 48,000 runners registered  — in my mind THAT is outrageous. (It’s a 10k for hells sakes.) The fastest runner laid down 6.2 miles in 30 minutes and 57 seconds. Rumor has it he is 25 freakin’ years old…I was tempted to shout to him, “Give […]

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brook and shari 4.30.13

Negotiating For My Life.

This is what happens when you take a picture of yourself. Good freakin’ night. It’s not my “best” look ever…but truth be told, you’ve seen me at my worst so what the hell. The woman next to me? That’s Shari Mitteco…personal trainer extraordinaire. She has worked with me off and on for years to stop […]

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