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Life after a Half: Free falling, feeding my soul, and finding my give-a-damn.

I feel oddly free. Last week was the first time in all of 2014 I haven’t been told what to do by a coach. No ‘here’s what’s gotta be done to survive’ workout. No a**-busting ‘this sucks!’ intervals. No back-to-back, leg numbing ‘why am I doing this again?’ bricks on the schedule. Truth be told, […]

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Chasing Epic.

I believe we’re all here to do epic sh*t. And for me, epic sh*t means chasing goals that undeniably stretch us. It means taking action, even when we’re scared witless. It’s pioneering a new path even if we don’t know where the road will lead. It’s facing forward, regardless of what life tosses our way. […]

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T-Minus 24 Hours.

I’m 24 hours from burning down marathon No. 2. And truth be told, I’m WIRED. All week, I’ve been slaying the sh*t on my to-do list so I could spend the weekend in Portland, Oregon. Yesterday, it hit me that I’m officially, (and finally!), staring down 26.2 again. Am I brilliant or out of my […]

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