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A Full Blown Addiction.

Anyone who says running is cheap (or easy) is a bold freakin’ liar. Okay, running may come easy for some. But folks, I don’t care who you are… this sh*t ain’t cheap. A few years ago, when I was trying to find my legs, (i.e. started running), I laced up my lawn mowing shoes, pulled […]

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Celebrate Your A** Off.

This is my sister-in-law’s half-neked leg. And let me just say she’s a SPORT for letting me share this picture. (Truthfully, I didn’t actually TELL her…here’s hoping she misses this post.) Anyhoo…last week, I drug her over to my trainer’s studio for a throw down with the scale, a measuring tape and one mean-spirited skin-fold […]

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Chasing The Big Boys.

I burned down 22 freakin’ miles this weekend. Although “burned down” is a little too hard core for what it really looked like. I haven’t yet mustered the courage to look at the stats on my Garmin. Part of me knows my time was slow as sh*t; part of me doesn’t want to care. You […]

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I Would Be Screwed.

I’m still trying to “find” my new marathon pace. In order to run a 4:16 in Portland, my average “per mile” pace needs to be 9:46. I know for many of you that won’t sound uber speedy, but the trick [for me] will be to maintain that freakin’ speed over the course of 26.2 long, […]

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With One Eye Closed.

I’m a little bit of a chicken sh*t. A few weeks ago I bought a Garmin Forerunner 10. I don’t wear it every time I head out, but to-date I’ve logged 18 workouts on this highly intelligent piece of plastic. Today was the first time I’ve ever accessed the data…and honestly, the reason is two-fold. […]

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