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Paying For Snuggles.

I’ve been in Sedona, Arizona, for almost a week. First and foremost, let me just say it took 13 terrible, construction laden, 2-lane road hating HOURS to drive here from Denver. (I don’t recommend it.) I can say with complete authority that an a** load of our tax dollars are going to fund highways in […]

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To Hell With The Line.

Right now, I’m sitting in the lobby of TLC Laser Eye Center. Hubs is having lasik surgery. At this very moment, I can hear him busting out his charm on the techs…probably to make sure they don’t leave him blind. The first thing they did was plaster a sticker on his shirt with his name […]

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Portland, Oregon

All My Secrets.

I have a quick confession to make. I honestly never, ever, ever in my life thought I’d run a marathon. And if you knew me, YOU never would have thought I would, either. I’m not one of those naturally athletic, all things trim, uber healthy sort of girls. You know the type…cute as sh*t, totally rockin’ the […]

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drew carey

Celebrity Marathoners.

I met the infamous Drew Carey Saturday night. You won’t be surprised when I tell you — he’s funny as sh*t. A huge part of his set is all things Price Is Right — and his stories are absolutely hysterical. (He’s been hosting the show for 6 years now…can you believe that?) He shared that […]

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becky wacker

Jesus Knows What You Did.

Seems like I have a lot of “firsts” these days. Today, I was scheduled to run a half-marathon and didn’t make the start line. I sincerely hope they put me down as a DNS (did not start) instead of DFL (dead f*ing last). I also hope our federal government, with all their ridiculous new tracking […]

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dr walker 6.12.13

In Lieu of Self-Diagnosing.

Every time I turn around I’m coming full circle. Yesterday, I broke down and made a doctor’s appointment. It’s been over a week and my knee and elbow still feel like a**. Instead of self-diagnosing, (which is SO my M.O.), I decided I’d leave this one up to peeps who are much smarter than I. […]

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Midas trail 5.23.13

It’s Not If, It’s When.

I haven’t run in almost a week. Last Thursday, while walking Midas, I took a full-on digger. There’s no other way to say it…I beat the hell out of myself. My left knee is sporting a bruise (and a scab!) the size of Texas. And, while there are no visible marks on my elbow, for the love […]

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12 Minutes In Flight.

I am so freakin’ old school. It’s not that I’m proud…just honest. If you look closely at these cassettes, you’ll see Peter Cetera and CHICAGO printed boldly on the front. I feel old as sh*t telling you this…but I have had these two plastic pieces of goodness for close to 20 years. I may very […]

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Full-Blown Digger.

This is my left knee. I know…sexy as hell, right? This morning, while out walking Midas, I took a full-on digger. Think entire body, face down, splashed along the left hand side of the road. Not only was it one of the ugliest things I have ever done in public…but it bruised my ego and […]

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