Celebrate Your A** Off.

dannikas leg

This is my sister-in-law’s half-neked leg.

And let me just say she’s a SPORT for letting me share this picture. (Truthfully, I didn’t actually TELL her…here’s hoping she misses this post.) Anyhoo…last week, I drug her over to my trainer’s studio for a throw down with the scale, a measuring tape and one mean-spirited skin-fold caliper. I can’t tell you that we loved every second of the time we were there, but as always, the measurements are telling. (Damn it.)

Training for my first marathon, I was smart enough to keep a paper journal and record every last stinkin’ mile of movement. That’s how I knew I ran from Denver to Las Vegas. (Never mind that it took 18 weeks.)

This time, I measured EVERYTHING.

Here’s why: Because I want to celebrate even the smallest of victories.

Training for my first marathon, I didn’t lose a single pound. My body fat stayed the exact same. And let me just say, it’s a tad freakin’ discouraging to run 608 bloody miles over 18 weeks and know nothing changed physically. (Albeit I should be grateful for the small things…I’d have gone bat sh*t if I gained an exorbitant amount of weight.)

This time ’round, I recorded my weight and body fat. I also measured my neck, chest, biceps, waist, rib cage, the works.

Note: I asked the sole sisters in my 100 Days Challenge do the same. They got my Measurement Mastery Worksheet so they could record their numbers at the beginning of the Challenge, the half-way point and the end. The cool part is, they are already losing inches AND pounds. 

Here are my gains/losses since July 6th: 

Weight: Same                    Body fat: -.4

Chest: +.25 inches (thank you Victoria’s Secret)

Ribcage: -.5 inches          Waist: Same

Thigh: -.25 inches            Calf: -.5 inches

Bicep: -.25 inches

I’m not mad that I’m leaning out. Seeing better numbers DOES somehow make all things busting of the a** a little more tolerable. That said, the one number I care MOST about still eludes me. (A consistent 9:46 mile over 26.2. B*tch.)

Here are my lessons:

1) If possible, have the same person measure your body fat every time. I guarantee your #’s will be more consistent.

2) Measure EVERYTHING. When you see movement in the right direction, (no matter how small), for the love of all things holy, celebrate your a** off.

3) I will buy all of my bras for the rest of my days at Victoria’s Secret. (Thank Gawd someone somewhere sits around and thinks about how I can effortlessly enhance my girls.)

Here’s to awesome sister-in-laws, celebrating super small victories and the geniuses behind Victoria’s Secret.



P.S. If you haven’t measured your body, do it. 🙂 If you HAVE…come over and tell me how much YOU have changed while training for a race! www.facebook.com/brooksfirstmarathon

P.S.S. I’m in the Omaha airport heading home today…I got to meet up with three very awesome sole sisters on my trip. Deets to come!

P.P.S.S. I’d love to spend the day with YOU. If you’d love to spend the day with ME, log your movement in my 90 Days No Excuses Challenge…you could win a trip to Denver and I’ll pick up the tab! Click here for deets or to log your movement.


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