Celebrity Marathoners.

drew carey

I met the infamous Drew Carey Saturday night.

You won’t be surprised when I tell you — he’s funny as sh*t. A huge part of his set is all things Price Is Right — and his stories are absolutely hysterical. (He’s been hosting the show for 6 years now…can you believe that?) He shared that everyone wants to win cash, cars and trips — and that most contestants get all sorts of p*ssed when their potential “prize” is a freakin’ bedroom set. Truthfully, I probably would be, too.

Drew isn’t the first celebrity I’ve met…but he’s the first one I’ve met who has also run a marathon. (Who knew?) I actually was too chicken sh*t to ask him if he was a runner when we were eyeball to eyeball Saturday night — so I didn’t uncover this factoid until stalking him online this morning.

This got me wondering, “Are there other celebrities who have run marathons? Who? Where? How long did it take them? Am I faster? Did they finish? Does being a celebrity make chasing 26.2 easier?”

While I doubt being famous makes the process any stinkin’ easier, here’s what I found:

14 Celebrities Who Have Rocked the Road to 26.2
  • Edward Norton, New York Marathon 2009, 3:48:01
  • Ryan Reynolds, New York Marathon 2008, 3:50:22
  • Jared Fogle (Think Subway), New York Marathon 2010, 5:13:38
  • Al Roker, New York Marathon 2010, 7:09:44
  • Sean “Diddy” Combs, New York Marathon 2003, 4:14:52
  • Mario Lopez (Extra! Host), New York Marathon 2011, 4:23:39
  • Apolo Ohno, New York Marathon 2011, 3:25:12
  • David Lee Roth, New York Marathon 2010, 6:04:43
  • Al Gore, Marine Corps Marathon 1997, 4:58:25
  • Oprah Winfrey, Marine Corps Marathon 1994, 4:29:20
  • Will Ferrell, Boston Marathon 2003, 3:56:12 (Does this surprise anyone else?!?!)
  • Gordon Ramsay (Chef), London Marathon 2012, 4:26:21
  • Sean Astin, Los Angeles Marathon 2012, 4:25:47
  • Drew Carey, Marine Corps Marathon 2011, 4:37:11

Honestly, I was a little surprised – most of these celebrities put up respectable times. After I read this list, I immediately thought, “WTF? How in the world did they have time to freakin’ train?”

So now I know…I can outrun Jared Fogle, Al Roker, David Lee Roth and Al Gore. (Thank you Jesus. I don’t know how I’d feel if I got stuck next to David Lee Roth or Al Gore. The first word that comes to mind is f*ing terrified.)

In the same breath, I’d have my a** handed to me by Edward Norton, Ryan Reynolds, Sean Combs, Apolo Ohno and Will Ferrell. (Truth be told…it wouldn’t be half bad having a back side view of some of these guys…don’t you agree?)

And finally, I could be running buddies with Mario, Oprah, Gordon, Sean and Drew. Which is cool because Mario could catch me up on celebrity news. Oprah would feed my soul. Gordon would feed my body. Sean could inspire me to press on with his tales of Rudy. And Drew could tell me every last thing I needed to know to run away with cash, cars and trips on the freakin’ Price Is Right.



P.S. Don’t forget – if YOU ran a race this weekend, please post your pics to the FB timeline or email them to me at Brook.Kreder@gmail.com and I’ll post them for you. High fives and cheers to you!

P.S.S. Which celebrity surprised you most and why? Who could YOU outrun? Come over and share! www.facebook.com/BrooksFirstMarathon

P.P.S.S. Tomorrow’s the BIG day…I’ll be sharing my next adventure! Make sure you watch your email and the FB page for details…b/c this time, you can be “IN” with me! 

And finally…I hate that hubs is going to see this, but here’s the car I rented last weekend. My brother said to me, “WTF Brookie…why do you keep renting muscle cars?” My reply? “Because they connect me to my inner Dannika Patrick.”


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  1. Donna g June 17, 2013 at 4:20 pm #

    Katie Holmes I believe has run a marathon!
    Love the muscle car 🙂

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