Chasing Epic.

Brook and LeAnn

I believe we’re all here to do epic sh*t.

And for me, epic sh*t means chasing goals that undeniably stretch us. It means taking action, even when we’re scared witless. It’s pioneering a new path even if we don’t know where the road will lead. It’s facing forward, regardless of what life tosses our way. It’s living outside of our comfort zone… even when it’s hard, wonky or just a tad bit freakin’ embarrassing. It’s owning the fact that we are responsible for creating our lives… and our results. 

It also means supporting, empowering and encouraging others to do epic sh*t in their lives, too.

Here’s why I bring this up:

Last week, the winner of my 90 Day No Excuses Challenge, (LeAnn Cady), flew to Denver for her Soul 2 Sole VIP day with me. We had massages. Threw back a few cosmos. Went for an early morning run in 23 degree weather. (Brrr!) We busted a bit of a** with my personal trainer. Had a life-changing session with a cellular release therapist. Full-on rocked a shopping spree at Boulder Running Company. Had a 1:1 consultation with a celebrity nutritionist. Held a private hen party for a few peeps I hold in high esteem:

dinner party Nov 2013

(Back, L/R: LeAnn, Andi; Front: Paula, Brook, Malene and Shari)

And finally, we ended our time together with a 4am swim before she caught her flight home.

I had LeAnn’s entire freakin’ schedule jam-packed down to the last nano-second. I knew where we had to be and when. I knew when she’d arrive and when she’d need to leave. I knew where we’d eat, who we’d see and what I *hoped* she would glean from the day. 

But here’s what I didn’t plan for: 

The magic that happens when you hold the space for someone else to stare down their fears… and WIN.

LeAnn had two major concerns when she arrived: Running outside, (in the dead of winter), and getting in the pool. So we did both. In my mind, it takes a ton of courage to travel the road from fear to fearless… her willingness to do it TWICE in a 24 hour period blew my mind. I was reminded how powerful it can be when we let others “borrow” our belief [in them] until they believe for themselves. To me, that is exactly the kind of thing that changes lives. 

Without question, LeAnn walked away from her VIP day loaded with the tools, resources and “how-to” she’ll need to full-on ROCK her next monster goal.  (Her first marathon — woo hoo!) There is no doubt she left Denver feeling inspired, empowered and altogether supported as she prepares to face her next round of epic.

But honestly, I reaped just as much as she did. 

I realized that no matter how boldly I think I’m living, I still have room for growth. I got crystal clear that while I love, love, love chasing my own brand of epic, what I dig even more is helping other women chase theirs, too. And finally, I now know without fail that there is an entire world of women who will have your back when you declare your super powers and decide to do something heroic in your life.

Today I’m celebrating super powers, a world full of inspiring sole sisters and the fact we can all chase epic if we choose.



P.S. I’d love to know… what’s your next round of epic? What are you chasing this year or next that is shoving you way outside of your comfort zone? Come chat me up at 

P.S.S. LeAnn, you are strong, courageous, soulful and powerful beyond measure. You’ve so go this sister, and all of us here have your back. ONWARD!

P.P.S.S. At dinner Friday night I pulled out the pee-machine from my first marathon. What a riot having others step inside for a test drive:

LeAnn Pee Machine

And lastly… I love this quote:

Diane Ackerman


























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