Chasing The Big Boys.

beau 22 miles

I burned down 22 freakin’ miles this weekend.

Although “burned down” is a little too hard core for what it really looked like. I haven’t yet mustered the courage to look at the stats on my Garmin. Part of me knows my time was slow as sh*t; part of me doesn’t want to care. You walk a fine line chasing the big boys…either you can kick your own a** over what you didn’t do, or celebrate what you did. I fall somewhere in between.

To avoid the heat, Andi and I met up with D.R. at 5 am. (As a quick aside, Andi texted me pre-run to let me know she was going to hate me until mile 16. She did.)

We took off out of the gate at a slow, easy, long-haul pace. (Keep in mind, it was dark as sh*t.) Around mile 5, we happen upon three young (drunk!) guys on the trail. One thought he was Rico Freakin’ Suave…and he hassled Andi pretty good. Not one to take sh*t off of anybody, she hassled him back like a pro.

I, on the other hand, got all kinds of irked.

Listen. The fastest way to p*ss me off is to put me in a situation where I feel scared. I was more than ready to open a can of BK whoop a** and go after that guy with all my might. In hindsight, it would have been a damn bad plan…Andi’s brilliance is likely the reason I didn’t get stabbed or freakin’ kidnapped.


The rest of the run was about as uneventful as a run can be. (Thank you Jesus.) We ran, talked, walked, ate and stretched. At mile 19, my brother Beau (see pic) hopped on the trail and helped us bring ‘er home.

Here was my big takeaway after Saturday’s throw down:

I’m ready for a break from all things marathon.

Around mile 13, I started dreaming about what it would be like to take a Zumba class. Or how it would feel to lounge around my house on a Saturday afternoon, (pain-free), in some fat, comfy get-up from Patagonia. The thought of it brought tears to my eyes. This training cycle has kicked my a**, snatched my pride and made me question myself in more ways than one. And frankly, that’s just not fun to me. 

All complaining aside, for the next few weeks, the plan is to ROCK my big girl pants with a vengeance. I’ve got two long runs outstanding (before my coveted taper)…and in the meantime, I will:

  • Acknowledge and honor my current abilities
  • Celebrate how much I’ve accomplished this training cycle
  • Ease up on the negative self-talk
  • Complete my training schedule with grace…while mixing in some much needed sass, swagger and fun.

I have a copy of the Optimist Creed hanging in my office — it reminded me today of the person I strive to be:

Optimist Creed

Today I’m celebrating sass, swagger and sticking to the sunny side of everything.



P.S. I have two great stories to share this week — the first about body measurements, (and why they’re so important); the second about my outing for new running shoes. Subscribe to the blog….I’d hate for you to miss a laugh!

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3 Responses to Chasing The Big Boys.

  1. Wendy sullivan September 2, 2013 at 8:14 pm #

    Thank you for being so honest – you say what we feel! I’m on my first marathon journey – 14.1 was Saturday followed by 20mile bike Sunday to shake out the cramps in legs. I looked at my garmin at 13.1 and thought “of course it’s a half the longest you have ever run now keep going” so I made it a whole mile over just to say I did it. My biggest fear is what to eat that wont screw with my stomach. Keep up the good work – I will keep following your journey!!

  2. Trena Roudebush September 3, 2013 at 4:27 pm #

    Brook, the finish line is in sight – I want to grab my poster board and markers and start cheering YOU on! “Almost there!” “Lookin’ strong, sister!” “There’s a margarita with your name on it!” Ok, it’ll be more like “Yes, this sucks, but you were the idiot who signed up so now muscle through.” (Just kidding. I’m jumping in and running beside you from 2,000 miles away)

    It hurts. It sucks. And you will be triumphant. You’ve been there before and know that you have everything it takes. No doubt in my mind you will embrase even the ugly bits of the next few weeks and totally rock out the sweats the weekend after. The world will (again) look different on the other side.

    RE: safety and drunk guys on the trail – I can’t imagine anyone wanting to touch my sweaty @$$ body and, if they do, imagine I’ll wriggle loose like a greased pig. 😉

    • Trena Roudebush September 3, 2013 at 4:33 pm #

      Oh, forgot a great piece of advise I heard this weekend…
      “When it comes to self talk, never say anything to yourself that you wouldn’t say to the person running beside you.”

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