16 Cindy Bulloch – Training to Qualify for Boston

Cindy Bulloch on Sole Nation with Brook Kreder

Today on the podcast I’m talking with Cindy Bulloch, an inspiring runner from Parowan, Utah.

Cindy has run two full marathons and is currently training for number three. But number three is a big one: she’s working on qualifying for Boston.

Listen in to hear Cindy talk about how she trained for her first marathon, the magic of race day, and why she tells anyone who will listen that she’s going to qualify for Boston.

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I have this motto that I won’t let skill keep me from having a good time.”

Show Notes:

  • How she made a comeback after 30 years without running
  • The challenges of a half marathon
  • When she finally self-identified as a runner
  • Why you have to find a balance between excuses and real reasons
  • How being a woman runner is different
  • How she trained for her first full marathon
  • Why the crowd may not get you through your last miles
  • The magic of race day
  • How she trained differently for her second marathon
  • Why she’s ready to qualify for Boston

I’m always the first one to jump in and try something.”

  • What prompted her to get a coach and put resources into qualifying
  • Why it’s important to have the right fit in a coach
  • How getting a coach took the pressure off
  • Why she tells everyone that she’s running Boston
  • About her 50×50 list
  • How she was effected by backing out of her first marathon
  • What it’s like running with her daughter
  • Why she likes volunteering at races
  • How her running group is a diverse group of women

At that point it’s a mental game, and you have to be in mentally as well as physically. “

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Don’t overthink it, don’t convince yourself why you can’t or why you’re not good enough. Just do it. “

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