03 Collette Schoenegge – How Running Stores Can Help You Go The Extra Mile

Collette Schoenegge on Sole Nation with Brook Kreder

Collette Schoenegge is the store manager of Boulder Running Company in Littleton, CO.

She’s also a running fanatic and someone who nurtures new runners and injured runners alike.

Hear her story of finding running after a tough personal time, why running stores can help tremendously, and why she doesn’t chase time in her marathons.

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It’s what I love and what I make time for everyday.”

Show Notes:

  • Collette is a 7-time marathon finisher
  • Why she spends 98% of her runs on trails
  • How she became a runner
  • How she started with a marathon and how her first marathon went
  • What misconceived ideas people have who are new to the sport of running
  • Why you shouldn’t be scared to go to a running store like the store that Collette manages
  • What she sees trending in running and running shoes
  • Breaking down exactly what happens when you run

I would set my microwave timer and go out on a run – then come back and see how long it took.”

  • Why days off are what a lot of people need
  • What to do if you are behind on your training program for a half or full marathon
  • Why she doesn’t chase time anymore
  • About her amazing experience running the Big Sur Marathon
  • The biggest thing that Collette wishes someone would have told her when she started running
  • How running has changed her as a person

My favorite is mile 17 because then you’re in the single digits.”

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Use your running shoes only for running – so when you put them on, you are a runner.”

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