17 Darla Seehafer – Marathoner on How Running Changed her Life

Darla Seehafer on Sole Nation with Brook KrederToday on the show I’m talking with Darla Seehafer, an awesome runner from Marshfield, WI who is getting ready to run her fifth marathon.

Darla keeps saying she’s not going to run anymore races, and then somehow ends up registering for more. So I’m talking to her about what marathons mean to her and how racing has changed who she is.

Plus we talk about what she’s going to do if she ever does decide to stop racing (hint: it involves mountains). Whatever goal she’s achieving, she’s such a fun, energetic gal and I can’t wait for you to hear our conversation.

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Anybody can run, what it takes is a pair of tennis shoes and the desire to move.”

Show Notes:

  • Why she joined the track team in middle school
  • How she started running again after having her 3rd child
  • How she ran her first marathon
  • The anxiety of standing at your first starting line
  • Why being ignorant about her first marathon was awesome
  • What it’s like to run a large scale marathon like Chicago
  • How she trained for Chicago
  • The benefits of training with a partner
  • Why she asks herself why running is important
  • Why she chose to run two marathons in a year
  • About her new approach to racing
  • The value of spending so much time with yourself

Every marathon, whether it meets your expectations or it doesn’t, you learn so many lessons.”

  • Why she ran a half marathon in Ugg boots
  • How to combat mental fatigue
  • Why she took a running hiatus
  • How she’s cross training
  • Why it’s hard to let go of racing
  • The realities of running races
  • Why she wished she’d known how running would change her
  • Why you have to accept the pain involved in racing
  • How running has given her confidence
  • How training for her marathon gave her courage
  • The commitment it takes to run races
  • Why you have to challenge yourself to go after it

Always keep an extra pair of shoes in the trunk of your car.”

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I feel most alive now when I’m chasing a big finish. “

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