Eating Humble Pie.

messy 14Yesterday was my first double digit since the marathon.

Truth be told, I feel a little slow getting back in the game. I mentioned to my sisters in the 100 Days of Sole Challenge that my intention was to put up 13 or 14 miles yesterday. I got-er-done, but only by the skin of my freakin’ chicklets. 

I’m still naive about a lot of things, especially when it comes to running.  I sincerely thought I’d bang out 14 yesterday with almost zero effort. After all, it wasn’t THAT long ago (4 weeks!) that I cranked out 26.2. Yeah…um. I can honestly say yesterday was one of the messiest f*ing long runs I’ve had all year.

Here’s how it went down:

I met up with D.R. first thing. We started earlier than usual to try and escape the heat. We caught up on what’s new and good, did the goody bag hand-off and away I went.

It took my lungs seven long, menacing miles to get in the game. My legs skipped yesterday’s outing entirely. (I know, right?) The temperature was on the fast-track to hot-as-sh*t…which means every stride put me one step closer to the sun’s version of hell.

I am exceedingly thankful my new Garmin didn’t show up in time for yesterday’s blow out. I’d have been in the fetal position sobbing had I been forced to acknowledge how slow I was moving. 

As always on a long run, I learned a few important lessons:

1) Slather sun screen everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE. I always lube my face, but from today forward, I will reek of Coppertone when I’m on the trail.

2) Start early. I’m tempted to start all of my future long runs in the middle of the freakin’ night to avoid the sun’s wicked rays. (Heat is a nasty, mean-spirited b*tch in my opinion.) I trained for my first marathon in sub-freezing temperatures…this whole train-in-the-dead-of-the-f*ing-summer just might be the death of me.

3) I’ve avoided wearing visors, hats and sun glasses for a few key reasons: First, I’m a tad bit worried a hat/visor would ignite a beastly case of acne on my forehead; and second, I ooze sweat from every last pore on my face which means glasses are only good to me for the first mile or two. I’m officially on the hunt for options that will shade my mug. (Come tell me how you handle this…I’d love to know!

I’m embarrassed to admit I ate a huge, gritty, hellish piece of humble pie yesterday. (It’s one thing to have a sh*t go — but it’s even worse to have honestly expected something different.)

But now I know: 

  • Laying down your first marathon will not make the second any easier.
  • You lose your endurance far faster than you gain it.
  • I will be earning every f*ing mile I put down on the road to Portland.



P.S. Over 50 people shared they are running a race this weekend — if that’s YOU, please post your pic to the FB timeline so we can celebrate your awesome accomplishment!

P.P.S. I shot this super special, VIP, post run video just for you yesterday. Take a peek!
[vimeo w=500&h=281]

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  1. Shelly June 24, 2013 at 1:49 pm #

    It won’t shade your mug…but Bondi bands are the BEST for keeping sweat out of your eyes. They are amazing!

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