Why Freakin’ Bother?

Swimming.FinalI haven’t run since the marathon.

Which means I’ve been off my legs [almost entirely] for the last 2 weeks. Just b/c I’m not running doesn’t mean I’m not finding other ways to wreck myself — just this morning I spent over an hour in the pool swimming 1.5 miles. Trust me, right now I am wrinkled beyond recognition and stink to high freakin’ hell of chlorine. Do I miss running? A little. But honestly, I’m kind-of blissing out on all things break.

I’ve come to the conclusion that exercise can be pretty damn hard on your body… in ways one cannot fathom. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s happening to mine:

  • I’ve worn a hole in the lower corner of my left butt cheek where my swim suit rubs me the wrong freakin’ way. (Who even knew that could happen?)
  • I picked up 3 new blisters last week [on my hands] from the rowing machine. (Should I be wearing gloves?)
  • I have two tiny toenails still hanging on by a thread. The only reason they are still attached is b/c my will to keep them is so f*ing strong.
  • My face and neck have been peeling for months. My skin feels paper thin. My hair is a bat sh*t mess of nasty static. And I reek of chlorine constantly. (Trust me, that sh*t smells good on NO ONE.)

So why bother, right? If this is the long and the short of it, then why continue to bust your a** when you’re NOT training for a race?

Because I know how f*ing hard it is to get it. And frankly, I’d rather keep it. 

Earlier this year, I contemplated how I might stay in marathon shape year ’round. I’ve since let go of all that. But a small part of me would like to stay in half marathon shape so it’s easier to get back in the game when I’m ready. Not only that, but I believe I’ve only scratched the surface on what it feels like to be STRONG. And truthfully, that interests me about as much as anything.

Looking ahead… I haven’t committed to my next race yet. My goal is to 1000 percent heal my IT Band and then start making those decisions. That said, here are a few potentials on my radar:

  • Oklahoma City Marathon in April 2014.
  • Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth in June 2014.
  • Portland Marathon in October 2014.
  • Memphis Marathon in December 2014.
  • And maybe somewhere in there, my first tri. (I know, right?)

Note: while swimming hasn’t done much for the way I SMELL, it has done a great deal for my confidence. I’m by no stretch a STRONG swimmer… but I’m getting better. So… if I continue to show gains in the pool, I just might feel ready to stare down my first triathlon — we’ll see. 

All of this leads me to YOU. What’s on your calendar for 2014? What was your all time favorite race? I’d love to know — come on over and chat me up at www.Facebook.com/BrooksFirstMarathon.

Today I’m celebrating my sole sisters who burned down finish lines over the weekend, feeling stronger than I EVER have and the simple fact that I can stink to high hell [of chlorine] and no one gives a rip.



P.S. Hey, hey, hey! If you ran a race this weekend, please post your pic to the timeline so we can cheer our butts off for you!!!

P.P.S. Thank you for your continued love and support of my new book ONWARD! We are still working on the print version and will be making it available on Audible too — deets to come. You can snag the Kindle version here for $3.99

And finally, here’s the video of marathon #2. Enjoy!





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3 Responses to Why Freakin’ Bother?

  1. Brook October 21, 2013 at 1:04 pm #

    My FB Page isn’t loading — so if you have a race you’d love to tell me about — please leave your comments here! 🙂

    • Michelle Cook Farnsworth October 24, 2013 at 8:10 pm #

      Highly recommend the Big Cottonwood Marathon in SLC on 9/13/14. It’s a freakin’ FAST course and you lose something like 6,000′ elevation from top to bottom. It’s the most well organized race I’ve done and I am definitely running it next your for the 3rd time. Plus, you’re already used to the altitude! Win-win!

  2. Trena Roudebush October 21, 2013 at 2:50 pm #

    LOVED the video (and the variety of men who decided to be part of it – LOL). Thanks for taking us on the journey with you!

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