“I Feel So Ashamed.”

collette 9.1.13

I’ve spent $600 on running shoes this year.

I know, right? Honestly, I think it’s probably a little more, but Hubs reads the blog so I have to watch what I say. I broke down and bought pair No. 5 immediately following my 22 mile epic busting of the a** session Saturday. Why? Well…it seems I’ve not only been draggin’ my tail all over this town…but my heels, too. 

ASICS pair #2 9.1.13

<——– (If you peek at the heels you can see I’m fairly serious about leaving my mark.)

So…back to Saturday.

The last 3 miles of my run, (which always SUCK regardless), the back of my right knee starts smarting. Obviously b/c I have elected to grind it’s support down to ZERO.

Post-run I knew I had a choice to make: Either retire my shoes…or retire my legs.

Listen. I’ve known for a month that my treads were beat to sh*t. But I tend to put stuff like this off until the need becomes faaaaarrrrr past urgent. It’s not that I’m lazy…and it’s not that I don’t love shoes. (I totally do.) For one, I’ve been damn busy;  and two, I am a tad bit embarrassed about how long I’ve let this slide. 

Shoving my fear of judgement to the side, I tossed my shoes into a plastic grocery sack and rolled over to Boulder Running Company. I was hoping to find Collette, the only other person on the planet who takes MY new treads as seriously as I do.

I found her. (Thank you Jesus.)

I sat down on the bench and pulled my shoes out for her inspection. Before she can get a word in edge-wise, I grab her arm, look her dead in the eye and whisper, “I feel so ashamed.” “Why?” she inquires. So I spend 3 or 4 minutes rattling off all the reasons I feel like a dumb a**:

  • I should NEVER have worn these shoes for this long
  • I am obviously slothing along the trail (vs. running)
  • Is there a gait expert here? Is there even such a thing?
  • Should I be chasing a marathon if I am a bonafide, bat sh*t, full-on slother?

She finally STOPS me and says, “Hey, it’s okay. You obviously have a nasty heel strike, so let’s find a pair of shoes with a stronger heel.” I’m like, “Seriously? That’s it? This is normal? My marathoner club card won’t be revoked?”

She smiles and says, “Let me snag a few pairs for you to try.”

Note: Sometimes I wonder if I will ever see myself as a runner. How many years does it take? Better yet, how many marathons do I need to burn down BEFORE that happens? I’m hoping only two, b/c for the love of all things holy, right now that feels like plenty. 

Here are my lessons: (And they may apply to you, so keep reading…)

  • Never skimp on your shoes. If you’re going to tell your brain to beg your dawgs to bang out 500+ miles over 18 weeks of training, then for cryin’ out loud, treat ’em right.
  • It may behoove you to stay loyal to one running store. Or better yet, find a person who takes YOUR shoes as seriously as you do. Collette and I have history…she knows where I’ve been, the shoes I’ve tried, what has worked…and more importantly, what hasn’t. It has saved me a ton of hassle.
  • And finally…there is no reason on earth for any of us to feel ashamed. Whether you’re out pounding pavement for one city block, or you’re burning down 26.2 ’til hell won’t have it…YOU ARE A RUNNER.

Treat yourself (and your dawgs!) as such.



P.S. Do you have a shoe story to share? I’d love to hear it! Come on over and chat me up: https://www.facebook.com/BrooksFirstMarathon

P.S.S. We’re on the back side of my 90 Day No Excuses Challenge — the winner will be drawn in just 36 days! If you want a chance to win a VIP day with me in Denver, click here to log your activity! (It’s free and easy to play…)

P.P.S.S. Hey! I’m traveling this weekend — if you’re up for a run in Omaha, Nebraska, on Friday morning, or a run in Waterloo, Iowa, on Saturday morning (both early!) email me at brook.kreder@gmail.com and we’ll plan it! 

And finally…I broke a crown this weekend. (Who does that eating freakin’ yogurt?) So yesterday I hung out with my dentist for a few hours. Check out the pic on his wall:

Dentist Picture

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