Inner Circle of Sole

The Inner Circle of Sole Is A Life-Changing, Awe-Inspiring,
“OMG! I Can’t Believe I Did That!”
Virtual Running Club for Women Taking a No B.S. Approach to Reaching Their Monster Goals.

IMG_8936If you’re a recreational runner who craves encouragement, inspiration, support  and community, read on, sister. You’ve come to the right place. 

Twice a year, we open the doors to my mega-fun, world-class, life-changing members only program: The Inner Circle of Sole.

What is it?

It’s a virtual running club for women world-wide who are taking a no excuses approach to reaching their monster goals.

Only the cool part is… you DON’T have to be a runner to participate. All you need is a physical goal, a can-do attitude and a cheer hat that simply won’t quit.

Sound good? (We think so, too!)

Unfortunately, right now the club in session.  (Dang it!)

But if you’d like to get a personal note from me when doors open again, leave your name and email below and you’ll be placed at the top of my VIP “contact me!” list.

If you liked this blog, you know you’re one of us, right? So join the Sole Sisterhood. It’s totally free – and I’ll send you my “Rock the Road” triple pack to get you started! Enter your name and email here:

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