Jane Fonda + Fake Gemstones = A Fantastic Shift in Perspective.

boot bling

I often see those around me as Messengers.

And by Messengers, I mean wisdom-couriers God/The Universe/[whatever you believe] places in my life to teach me lessons, deliver inspiration, influence or advance my journey, etc. Sometimes these prophets come offering soul-stirring, path-changing advice. Other times, they show up in far too tight spandex shorts with a blatant reminder I could probably be more fashionable.

Here’s the set up:

After Saturday’s 30-mile hooha slaughter, I scooted over to Walmart to stock up on my family’s gotta-have, life-sustaining provisions. (Toilet paper, copy paper, you catch my drift.) As I turn down the dog food aisle, I see the back side of a Jane Fonda wannabe whose spandex shorts were so far up her crack I couldn’t beeeelieeeeeve she wasn’t crying.

Anyhoo, I’m minding my own business, (me at the store = Midas gets a treat), when Jane comes up behind me, touches my arm and says,

“You know you can bling that thing out, right?”

With a dog bone in my hand, I look at her confused and think, “WTF?”

She clarifies, “Your boot. You know you can customize your boot, right?”

I reply, “What do you mean? With what?”

She explains, “Jewels. Bling. Stickers. Glitter glue. Make it your own… have some fun with it.”

Hmmm, I think. This lady might be on to something…

Curious, I ask, “How would I attach the jewels?”

She looks to the ceiling, lets out a ‘you-can’t-possibly-be-this-ridiculous’ sigh and says, “A glue gun.” (My gawd, do I even own a glue gun?!) Sensing my novice, she continues, “Better yet, hit up Hobby Lobby and find some frills with adhesive already on the back.”

Nowwww she’s speaking my language.

After our aha inspiring exchange, I couldn’t get out of Walmart fast enough. I sped drove straight over to Hobby Lobby to see what they could offer in the way of ‘air fracture boot’ customization.

Turns out aisles and aisles of awesome.

A mere $41 dollars later, I rolled out with a cylinder full of fake gemstones and 9 sleeves of stickers. When I got home, I pulled my circa 1981 glue gun out of retirement and it was game on.

Note: I had a blast pretending to be Honorary President of America’s Guild of Budding Crafters. Not only that, but the process of making my boot my own somehow healed me. I now see it as a tool instead of a hindrance – a necessary [and course-correcting] step on my journey to 70.3.

Today, my boot says Austin, 70.3, The Sole Revolution and Onward.

And I’m damn thankful something so small could give such an enormous shift in perspective.



P.S. Have a cute boot idea? Come chat me up! Also – dozens of you have asked about my modified training schedule – I promise I’ll share more about that asap. 

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P.S.S.S. Don’t feel too bad… I’ve quickly become a woman of leisure. I spent most of Sunday afternoon in a zero-gravity chair sipping margaritas.

woman of leisure

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