25 Jayna Lang – Racer Inspired by Kona Ironman

Jayna Lang on Sole Nation with Brook Kreder

I’m so excited to introduce you to Jayna Lang. Jayna and I train at the same facility in Denver (thought she actually lives in Littleton) and I’ve been so inspired by her.

She has run 2 half Ironmans, a marathon, and a half dozen half marathons. Now the question is whether she’s going to sign up for a full Ironman!

Listen in to hear her describe how she was inspired to try Ironman (hint: it all started with a trip to Hawaii!), the difficulty of fitting her training into her schedule, and why she tries not to chase time.

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I feel much more confident if I can complete the steps and see myself progress through those different distances.” – Jayna Lang

Show Notes:

  • How she got into racing
  • How a trip to Hawaii inspired her to do Ironman
  • Why she likes to progress in her distance
  • How she learns from her failures
  • The differences between training for marathons and Ironman
  • How she decided to do a triathlon
  • How she felt about her first open water swim

You just feel like you’ve accomplished something so big that you never even thought you could touch.” – Jayna Lang

  • How she bought her first tri bike
  • The added stress of racing for a cause
  • The difficulty of fitting in all her training
  • Why you have to become more self aware
  • How she struggled with eating during training and racing
  • The different between her first half ironman and her second
  • Why she tries not to chase time
  • Why she wished she had learned more about transitions

You also just have to become more self aware of your body and what it needs throughout the training.” – Jayna Lang

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I really just want to be in the moment on that day and really enjoy the course and what’s going on around me.” – Jayna Lang


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