14 Jessica Bauer – How Strength Training and Nutrition Can Up Your Run

Jessica Bauer on Sole Nation with Brook Kreder

I am so psyched to be talking with Jessica Bauer today on the show. We went to high school together, and I’ve been watching her kick ass at running and fitness from afar.

A half marathoner and Farrell’s eXtreme bodyshaping coach, Jessica is getting ready to run her 29th and 30th half marathons, and is thinking about signing up for her second full.

She is a fabulous woman, athlete, mom, and warrior, and I can’t wait for you to listen in to learn about why a half marathon is her perfect race, the value of strength training, and her take on her kids starting in on the sport.

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It has to be the right time, for me or for anybody who does a marathon – it’s a commitment.”

Show Notes:

  • How her athleticism in high school turned into a passion for running
  • Why she got the urge to get back into shape
  • How she ran her first half marathon
  • Why you should run the Lincoln Half Marathon
  • Why she is thinking about doing another full
  • How to squeeze marathon training into a busy life
  • The difference between training alone and training with a partner
  • How a severe injury affected her training
  • What she loved about training
  • The commitment it takes to run a marathon
  • Why runners should do more weight training
  • How nutrition plays a role in her life

Running for me just puts me in a good place mentally and physically.”

  • Why kickboxing is a stress reliever
  • How she adjusted her diet
  • How strength training can affect your running
  • What it’s like to be in such good shape at almost 40 years old
  • How old is old enough for kids to start running
  • What training plan she uses
  • What cross training entails for runners
  • Why she doesn’t do interval training
  • The importance of support from her husband
  • How running can change your life
  • Why running is like therapy
  • The importance of choosing a distance that’s fun for you

If I were to say I had motivation every single day, I would be lying. “

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Strength training, I’ve learned, is key to running.”

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