07 Jill Hayes – The Highs and Lows of Training for a Full Marathon

Jill Hayes on Sole Nation with Brook Kreder

Jill Hayes is a runner who transformed her life. She used to sit on the side lines, overweight and not taking charge of her life.

When a biking accident severely injured her son, she had an ‘ah ha moment’ and knew it was time to change. She shed the extra weight and started running, with a goal of completing the Big Sur Half within one year.

Now Jill’s training for her first full marathon and while it’s challenging, she’s also finding it incredibly rewarding.

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I was just fully present in the race, in the moment, in awe that I was doing this.”

Show Notes:

  • Why Jill started running just before her 50th birthday
  • How a family emergency inspired her to change her life
  • How her perspective changed about her husband’s training
  • Why Jill made the decision to take a running workshop
  • How to improve your form
  • What happened the morning of her first half marathon
  • The influence of having an active family
  • What support means to a runner
  • How Jill’s first race changed her life

I am capable of doing what’s important to me.”

  • How Jill knew she was ready to train for a full marathon
  • What is the Inner Circle?
  • Struggling with cramps on the road
  • A funny story…. Listen in for a laugh!
  • The power of pushing through when training
  • How everyone struggles in marathon training
  • What “embrace the journey” really means
  • The benefits of having a running coach
  • Why you should fight to become the person you want to become

Being afraid is ok, letting it stop me isn’t.”

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The biggest thing I’m figuring out is what ‘embrace the journey’ means.”

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