29 Joann Boutwell – Staying Grounded as a Runner

Joann Boutwell on Sole Nation with Brook Kreder

I am so excited today to finally have Joann Boutwell on the show. Joann is like a little sister to me, and I’ve got tons of respect for the journey that she’s been on over the last few years.

Based in Rochester, MN, Joann has run 2 marathons, 10 half marathons, plus she just graduated with an undergrad degree in special education. She has also been in the inner circle of sole for almost three years, which I think is why I just feel so connected to her journey.

This gal inspires me all the time, and I lover her positive attitude and her sense of humor. I know you’re going to be inspired by her story.

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It was really just the people around me that kind of inspired me.” – Joann Boutwell

Show Notes:

  • How she got into running
  • Why her first 5k got cancelled and how she dealt with it
  • How she decided to run her first half marathon
  • The emotional journey of her first marathon
  • The fun of having her family at her first race
  • How the Sole Sisters supported her during her race
  • The life changing power of running a marathon

My goal was just to finish. It was just about taking it all in and experiencing it.” – Joann Boutwell

  • How training was emotionally healing
  • Why tapering can be so painful
  • The struggle of her second marathon
  • Why she decided to switch one race from a full to a half
  • The fun of other family members getting involved in running
  • What the sole sisters mean to her
  • Why it’s important to enjoy the journey

I think through the journey of running that first marathon I realized who I was and didn’t put up with crap from other people anymore.” – Joann Boutwell

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You’re not the same person you are at the finish line that you were at the start.” – Joann Boutwell

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