18 Karen Haddock – Triathlete Celebrates her Ability to Race

Karen Haddock on Sole Nation with Brook Kreder

Today I’m excited to share my conversation with Karen Haddock, a runner turned triathlete from California.

Karen kind of fell into triathlons after surrounding herself with triathletes. Her mindset of enjoying the races and taking joy in the fact that you’re able to be out there is so inspiring to me.

After a couple marathons and some triathlons (including a half Ironman!) she’s getting ready to ride the Tour de Pink, which supports The Young Survivors Coalition, an awesome organization helping young people battling breast cancer.

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I will never feel like I can’t do something again.”

Show Notes:

  • How she found herself running with a group of triathletes
  • How a friend inspired her to start running
  • Why she takes training seriously
  • Why you have to be patient with yourself
  • The value of having something in your corner
  • Why she decided to run a second marathon
  • How her first marathon changed her
  • How she shifted from marathons to triathlons
  • The way she feels when she swims

Every fall teaches us a little bit about our body and spacial awareness. “

  • How she learned how to swim
  • How to get over your fear of open water
  • How she learned to clip in
  • Why it’s worth investing in yourself
  • Why you can’t take yourself too seriously
  • Why you can’t be self conscious at a triathlon
  • How the sense of success is fleeting
  • Why you have to celebrate every little

What could be a better investment than investing in your health and your happiness?”

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Just appreciate that your body can do these things, and celebrate it.”


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