Gym Days: lessons in cross training, tight quarters, and crazy people

gym daysI can’t believe the sh*t that happens to me.

Right now, I’m spending way more time at the gym than I am running outside. (This is for a number of reasons, none I care to bore you with.) Anyhoo, in addition to forcing you into close proximity with people you may or may not even like, I find the gym to be a petri dish, a breeding ground if you will, for all sorts of WTF just happened?! conversations and events. Think I’m kidding? Here are a few ridiculous examples of what went down behind the scenes at my local 24 Hour Fitness last week… 

Days when I swim, I shower at the gym. It’s not that it’s my favorite place to peel off all my clothes, but I’m afraid if I don’t shower immediately after removing myself from 250,000 gallons of chlorine infested water that either 1) My hair will turn green or 2) that the left over residue from that sh*t will give me cancer.

So post-shower, I’m minding my own business, (applying make-up), when a 20-something comes up and asks:

“Hey, do you have an extra eyeliner?”

I said, “To use, or to give you?”

She said, “To give me.”

After standing there with my mouth gaping for 30 seconds, I dug in my bag and found an old Elizabeth Arden eyeliner I’d been lugging around since B.C. I handed it over.

She took a good look and said, “Is this a decent brand?”

Me: “It’s Elizabeth Arden, so I think so.”

Her: “Do you have a sharpener I can use?” (WTF?!)

For starters, I can’t help but wonder if sharing that sh*t is even sanitary. And if she happens to get some crazy disease of the eye, I can’t tell you I’d feel all that bad. (Mean, but true.)

Moving on…

Yesterday I was in the pool again. (Now you know why I’m losing the war with static.) Most of my 50 laps were some kind of drill or interval so I had work to do. I was up at 4 a.m. and out the door by 4:20 just to make sure I’d get a lane.

My head was in the water by 4:45 a.m. and I was zooming about as fast as my legs would allow. Around lap 28, an older, heavy guy stops me at the wall.

Him: “Do you mind if we share a lane?”

Me: “I’m not very good at it, but sure.”

Him: “Great. Let’s swim in circles.”

Me: “No, I’d rather swim up and back.” (It’s my freakin’ lane, right?)

Him: “We need to swim in circles. Let me explain how the C-I-R-C-L-E works.” (A little too snide for my taste.)

Me: I throw my hands in the air and concede, “Fine! Gawd! Okay! I’m in the middle of intervals and you’re killing me here man.”

I take off down the lane FUMING. Not only in this guy encroaching on my personal space, but he has the audacity to tell me just how we’re going to share a lane. (WTF?)

Here’s why I was p*ssed: 

1) For one, I was scared. It was my first time sharing a lane and I was worried I’d run into him. Or beat the hell out of myself against the lane marker. Truth be told, I hugged that plastic b*tch for 20 laps just to make sure I was staying in my right-of-way.

2) He was a slow swimmer. Now I don’t care if you’re a slow swimmer, hell, compared to most, I am, too. But because we were swimming in circles, (not down and back), I was forced to wait at the wall multiple times. (Which killed my intervals.)

3) We did collide once. But I said F* THAT and kept going. (Secretly, I felt like a bad a**.)

4) And finally, when another lane opened up, do you think HE moved? F* no. I did.

I spent the better half of my morning p*ssed off. (A complete waste of energy to be sure.) But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that’s exactly the type of sh*t I need to experience if I’m going to do triathlons. I’d better get used to tight quarters and collisions. I’d better get damn comfortable sharing a lane and fighting for myself. (I’m not ready to say that man did me any favors… but maybe, just maybe… he did.)

After both incidents, I couldn’t help but think about my boundaries. Should I have given that girl my older than Jesus eyeliner? Probably not. Should I have insisted [to the sloth] that we arm wrestle instead of rolling over to his demands? Maybe so.

But honestly, it doesn’t really matter. Because at the end of the day, my make-up case is lighter, (less sh*t to tote), and more importantly… my warrior Armour is stronger.

(And secretly, if there’s a little disease of the eye going on ’round there or if the chlorine happens to melt off just a tad bit of his skin, well… so be it.)



P.S. Do you have any over-the-top funny stories about dealing with frustrating people at the gym? I’d love to hear them!

P.P.S. I just finished the book The Long Run: A New York City Firefighter’s Triumphant Comeback from Crash Victim to Elite Athlete. (Loved it!) Warning: this book will have you ditching every last excuse you ever even thought about having — and I promise, you’ll laugh, cry and cheer for Matt all the way to the finish.

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Guess who’s birthday we’re celebrating today? (He’s 6 in dog years, 42 in people years.) Which means I now live with two middle aged men. Oh f*. 










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