15 Kia Johnson – Cancer Survivor on Doing What You Want

Kia Johnson on Sole Nation with Brook Kreder

Today I’m interviewing Kia Johnson, from Somerset, WI. Kia is sharing her powerful story.

Not only is she talking about how she grew to love running, but she’s talking about health and weight loss and overcoming cancer.

Kia is one of the funniest, most genuine women I know, and I can’t wait for you to hear this inspiring interview.

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I crossed the finish line, and I felt like it was the first thing I had really done for me.”

Show Notes:

  • Why she used to hate running
  • When she started running
  • How her children inspired her to get in shape
  • How she struggled with her weight
  • The importance of getting on the treadmill every day
  • Why you always remember your first race
  • How you get over mom guilt
  • How she was diagnosed with cancer
  • How she was in radiation while training for her first 5k
  • What happened when her cancer came back
  • Why her kids had to live with their grandparents for 8 months
  • What it was like to take control of her body

Once you have that momentum and you feel good, you want to move.”

  • Why she doesn’t wait anymore
  • How cancer has affected her outlook
  • Why the half marathon is her favorite race
  • Why she set her sights on a marathon
  • What her first marathon was like
  • Why she drank a beer during her first marathon
  • What happened when she crossed the finish line
  • The danger of overtraining
  • How she couldn’t stop talking herself down
  • Her funniest running story
  • Why it’s OK to ask someone for help
  • Why you should always go for what you want

When is good enough? Can’t you just celebrate that you ran a marathon?”

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I would just say that if there’s something that you want to do, you do it.”

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