10 Kim Welk – Overcoming Marathon Obstacles and Asking for Help

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Kim Welk didn’t do a marathon until last year, but she has learned so much in the process.

An athlete all her life, nothing prepared her for the nutrition training that a marathon would put her through, and she struggled with intense GI issues during training and on race day.

Since finishing her first marathon, she now hopes to help other people overcome their obstacles and show that you only need to be willing to ask for help.

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I learned about overcoming barriers, and I learned about mindset.”

Show Notes:

  • How Kim got into running when she was on a vacation
  • Why she didn’t do a marathon until 2014
  • Her nutrition problems during marathon training
  • About the charity that she ran for when training for the NYC Marathon
  • How GI issues can affect your running
  • Why you shouldn’t ever get rid of your gloves during a marathon
  • How to train for a full IronMan

My marathon day actually could not have gone worse, but I crossed the finish line.”

  • How her training plan became her daily routine
  • The wreck she had on her mountain bike that made her afraid of clipping-in
  • Why she is dedicated to writing race reports
  • How she swallowed her pride and asked for help with swimming and fixing bike tires
  • Why support from friends and family is important

My focus is the overall lifestyle of living a comfortable pain-free life.”

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It’s all in your head – you just have to be willing to ask.”

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