13 Mandi Doryland – The Emotional Inspiration Behind 14 Marathons

Mandi Doryland on Sole Nation with Brook Kreder

Today on the show I’m talking with 14 time marathoner Mandi Doryland. Oh, she’s done 4 half marathons too.

Mandi has one of the most inspirational “why” stories that I’ve heard, and it makes me want to go out on a run as soon as I can.

Beyond her emotional reasons for running, we’re also talking about running coaches, racing abroad, and her favorite course she’s ever run.

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I was driven by an internal need be able to do something for those that are no longer able.”

Show Notes:

  • How living in NY inspired her to start running
  • How her job made her want to do something to honor others who can’t
  • The influence of the Columbine shooting on her life
  • How her work as a school based mental health therapist influenced her running
  • What it was like when she crossed her first finish line
  • Why she doesn’t wait for the “right time” to do anything
  • Why she focuses on living this moment
  • Why she stopped taking breaks from racing
  • Why she recommends having a running coach
  • The struggle of battling your mindset
  • How she’s working on getting faster
  • Why it took her this long to get a coach
  • The danger of comparing yourself to others

I’m not going to wait for anybody else, because if I do that, I just may be waiting forever. “

  • How a coach doesn’t cost as much as people think
  • Why people get in their own way
  • How running parallels what’s happening in your life
  • How she dealt with an injury before two big races
  • Why being unable to run made her appreciate running even more
  • When she started chasing time
  • Why having to go to the bathroom can affect your race time
  • Why she loves running marathons abroad
  • The joy of getting familiar with a course
  • Why the NYC Marathon is so special
  • What has been her favorite marathon
  • Why having fun is the most important part of running
  • Why marathons shouldn’t be taken lightly

Actually yes, you can become faster and you are capable of reaching that goal.”

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I can truly do anything that I choose to do. The only person that is going to stop me is me.”

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