12 Margaret Grondorf – Competitive Triathlete on Training for Nationals

Margaret Grondorf on Sole Nation with Brook Kreder

Today I’m talking to Margaret Grondorf, an amazing triathlete who is in the process of training for Nationals.

We’re talking about why she decided to try triathlons in the first place, what gear she uses, why it was important for her to perfect her swim, and what it’s like to qualify for Nationals.

She also gives tips on how to set yourself up for success, and shares secrets like how getting mad can help in a competition.

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I always told myself that if I qualified, I would do it.”

Show Notes:

  • Why she decided to try a triathlon
  • What kind of gear she used in the beginning
  • Why she chose to buy a tri bike and what adjustments she made
  • The different between a road bike and a tri bike
  • The challenges of training and working a full time job
  • How heat can affect your race
  • What happened when she qualified for nationals
  • What it takes to qualify for nationals
  • How you train for national competition
  • Why it’s important to maintain your quality of life

You have to have some mental prowess to put yourself in those situations.”

  • On why we need to redefine success
  • How she does her transitions
  • Which distance is her favorite
  • How she improved her swim
  • Why she’s ok swimming on the outside
  • Why it’s ok to get mad
  • How triathlons have helped Margaret gain confidence
  • The importance of the timeline and setting yourself up for success
  • What it’s like to put so many hours into this sport
  • Why you shouldn’t give up or give in

If you’re climbing something that’s really scary, you don’t cower, you start solving the problem.”

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It’s all mental – it’s all about pushing yourself and learning more about you. “

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