24 Mary Jo Yates – Finding Community through Running and Racing

Mary Jo Yates on Sole Nation with Brook Kreder

I am so excited this week for you to hear my conversation with Mary Jo Yates, an awesome athlete from Henderson, KY.

Mary Jo has plenty of races under her belt: she’s a two time Ironman finisher, she has run three marathons, and 18 half marathons.

Today we’re talking about knowing why you’re racing, her secrets for staying comfortable on her bike seat, and the community she has found through triathlons.

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I don’t want to hate it, I want it to be my fun thing.” – Mary Jo Yates

Show Notes:

  • What a technical course is
  • How training can be a job
  • Why she dedicates her racing to her son
  • Why you have to know your why
  • Why she says a prayer every time she gets on her bike
  • Why she wears bike shorts and uses diaper cream
  • What was different about her second ironman

There’s something about thinking about other people that really pushes you forward.” – Mary Jo Yates

  • Why she wants to earn a medal in every state
  • How she started running
  • How she met her closest friends while training
  • How it felt when her swim got cancelled
  • Why you should use the gear that works best for you
  • Why running is kind of a break for her

Your body will do anything you tell it to, within reason, if you’ve trained.” – Mary Jo Yates

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I did my first race when I was 35 years old. I mean, why did I wait that long just to try something?” – Mary Jo Yates

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