26 Michele Stryeski – The Highs and Lows of Racing

Michele Stryeski on Sole Nation with Brook Kreder

I’ve been dying to interview this gal for months. I’m so excited for you to meet Michele Stryeski, an awesome athlete living in Avon, CT. Michele has done a half marathon, a half ironman, and a bunch of other races.

Today, Michele is talking about training for her Ironman, from taking care of her undercarriage to tackling the swim. She’s also talking about some heavier subjects, and how not making the time cutoff for her Ironman affected her and led to a life changing diagnosis.

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I really embraced the volunteer opportunity, you know, if I can help a couple athletes and make their day or distract them for a minute.” – Michele Stryeski

Show Notes:

  • When she got hooked on mountain biking
  • How she finally got running to stick
  • How she decided to finally do Ironman
  • What it’s like watching an Ironman
  • The magic of a training plan
  • How she handled getting off track
  • How her body changed from riding
  • Why she took a class to improve her swim

I just can’t explain the magic that happens on that race course, between the athletes and the volunteers and everything that everyone is going through that day.” – Michele Stryeski

  • What happened when she confronted her lack of training
  • Why she decided to focus on the finish line instead of weight
  • What it was like on race day
  • What happened when she didn’t make the time cutoff
  • Why she took some time off
  • When she was diagnosed with depression and anxiety
  • How she’s getting back into running
  • Why you should enjoy the process

One of the things I realized was I needed to figure out how to be kinder to myself.” – Michele Stryeski

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It’s not necessarily about the race itself, it’s about the journey it takes to get to the race.” – Michele Stryeski


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