My Microwave Mentality.

saltI am a BIG fan of ibuprofen.

It’s not that I’m proud…just honest. If I wake up with aches or ails of any kind, I’m the first to pop a few burnt orange pellets of cure-all and be on my merry way. The problem is, there’s a whole slew of side effects when you take too many: upset stomach, mild heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, gas, dizziness, headache, nervousness and skin itching or rash. (And these were listed under MILD side effects. Seriously.)

Now that at least half a dozen of my body parts are on the “feel damn bad plan” daily, I’ve been on the hunt for a few natural solutions. Why? One…to protect my innards, (and avoid all of the disagreeable side effects listed above); and two, in hopes that the smarting in my muscles and bones will let the freak up.

One of the products highly recommend by peeps much smarter than I is Epsom Salt.

For a long time I thought to myself, “I don’t really need salt. It probably doesn’t work anyways…it’s freakin’ salt. (Okay, Epsom salts are actually magnesium sulfate, but whatever.) Not only that, but who seriously has 20 minutes to soak their aching a** in the tub? On a regular basis?” But what the hell. I finally broke down and threw a bag in my shopping cart on my last trip to the store.

Here’s where I get honest:

I sat in a salt-filled tub 4 times this week, and I did my very best to make it all of 20 minutes per the instructions. I even rolled my body around a few times for good measure. (You know…to make sure every last ounce of goodness soaked in where it was supposed to.)

After each comical stint of bathtub water aerobics, I seriously thought I’d hop out, and my aches? That they’d be history. Like out-of-there. See ya. Sayonara.

No so. (Or at least not yet.)

Note: Without trying to kill you with information overload, calcium is the mineral that helps muscles contract; magnesium, on the other hand, helps muscles relax.

This leads me to share [with you] some of the other “natural” remedies I’ve tried: Deer Antler Velvet, (don’t ask), Tart Cheery Juice, Apple Cider Vinegar, Peppermint Oil, Glucosamine, Fish Oil, Calcium, lemon water, etc.

And I must have a microwave mentality b/c NONE of this sh*t works for me. 

Listen. I’m not pretending to be an expert here…and if any of these work for you, I am envious beyond measure. But me? I tend to want relief as fast as I can get it…not 6 weeks or 6 months after the fact. I am considering my first ever ice bath after my long run this weekend…but I’d almost rather ache for a week than put my bare a** in freezing cold water. We’ll see.

Does that mean I’m ditching natural remedies all together? No. My quest (for what works) will live on.

It just means I’ll continue to have ice packs and a jumbo-sized bottle of freakin’ Advil on stand-by.



P.S.  Hey…if you have any MUST TRY solutions in your “natural remedies toolbox” — click here to share! Or tell me what doesn’t work so I can save a few bucks…

P.P.S. I’m up for 16 miles this weekend, but I’m giving myself permission to land somewhere between 12-16. (I’m easing my way back in to the arena, baby.)  To see my training schedule for marathon No. 2, (and it’s totally revised!) click here.

P.P.S.S. Just a quick heads up…I’m launching a 90 Days No Excuses Challenge next week. It’s free and easy to participate…and I promise you’ll either love or totally loathe the prize. Look for details on Tuesday! 


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3 Responses to My Microwave Mentality.

  1. Tanya Wragge Kimber July 12, 2013 at 3:05 pm #

    Try It Works’ Relief. It’s for healthy muscles and joints. Also the New You. That helps your body recover faster from workouts and helps produce the HGH which after 30 your body produces less of. These products are all natural, nothing man made in them. go to

  2. Kate Galat July 12, 2013 at 3:09 pm #

    Ice baths are a must for me! After 10+ miles, I run the tub with cold water and after I get in, I add 2 trays of ice cubes. Wrap a towel around your top half that’s not in the water. Nothing else works for me and its VERY hard to sit in that cold water for 10-15 min, but I can walk around the restvof the day just fine. Good luck!

    • Brook July 14, 2013 at 4:46 pm #

      Thanks Kate — I took your advice…you’re right. It works. But it totally, totally sucks. 🙂 Thanks for the note!

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