20 Nicole Dorholt – Getting Dirty on Offroad Races

Nicole Dorholt on Sole Nation with Brook Kreder

Today I’m having my first voice-to-voice conversation with Tulsa-based racer Nicole Dorholt. She’s a team sponsored offroad triathlete who has qualified for nationals and worlds next year.

Nicole has done lots of races, from half marathons to century rides, but has found her passion for offroad racing (yes, she does it dirty).

This gal is super inspiring. She perseveres – she even swam a tri with one arm! – and works hard to improve, and it pays off. I can’t wait for you to hear our conversation.

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Controlling that fear and being able to hang in the pack while not being afraid for your life is a daunting task.”

Show Notes:

  • How she became a competitive swimmer
  • How she returned to athleticism after taking time off and gaining weight
  • Why she set a goal of completing a triathlon by the time she was 30
  • How triathlons let her to road racing
  • How switching from a mountain bike to a road bike changed her riding
  • How she treats the swim as a warmup
  • How she discovered bike rides
  • How her true love morphed into biking
  • What happened when she tried to run a half marathon
  • How she turned into a mid-foot striker

If you are seriously thinking about running, please go to somebody, anybody, who knows something and have them check out your form. “

  • The value of having a coach
  • How she ended up competing and placing in nationals
  • The awesome community of offroad races
  • How to become a sponsored athlete
  • Why she’s launching a coaching business
  • How she stays fit in the off season
  • Why even coaches need coaches
  • How she ended up at a nudist colony
  • Why you should have someone to hold you accountable

You’ve got to be prepared for all these things so that you’re save and responsible out there, and then you free yourself up to just enjoy it.”

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You’re not too big, you’re not too old, you’re not too slow. Whatever it is that’s holding you back, let it go.”


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