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Onward-BookSitting in a dingy hotel room, with a bag of Cheetos in one hand and a vodka tonic in the other…

Brook decided it was time to rethink her life. Her business was on the skids, her marriage was stalling out, and her future looked anything but bright. In a flash of insight, she made a spontaneous decision that ultimately changed everything. Armed with little more than a iron-willed determination, a pair of old running shoes, and a blog, she began training for her first marathon.

Onward! is her story of false starts, redemption, and triumph as she pushed herself to ultimately cross the finish line. Told with grit, raw honesty and in-your-face hilarity, Onward! celebrates her 5-month trek to 26.2 miles, and how running her race, her way, transformed her body, spirit and life.

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