Paying For Snuggles.


I’ve been in Sedona, Arizona, for almost a week.

First and foremost, let me just say it took 13 terrible, construction laden, 2-lane road hating HOURS to drive here from Denver. (I don’t recommend it.) I can say with complete authority that an a** load of our tax dollars are going to fund highways in the northeast corner of this state….not to mention there is NO cell service and ONE radio station on the dial. Many a times I considered turning my car around, but by then I was half way here so WTH. (If you live here, I love you, just sayin’.)

For years I’ve heard about Sedona’s uplifting energy and the sacred vibrations of their world-famous vortexes. All I know is I’ve lost many-a-girlfriends to this place, [i.e. they move here], because the energy “calls” to them.

So here I am. And while I haven’t caught the bug, (i.e. I won’t be relocating), I’ve certainly had a few memorable experiences.

My dawgs and I have logged 40 miles in the last 5 days. My first day out, I gave trail running a go. Surprisingly…I loved it. Here’s why: my mind was fully engaged in where my feet were headed. When you run trail, you’re constantly on the look out for rocks or foreign objects that might twist your ankle or blow out your knee cap. (And secretly, I pretended I was an Ultra.) While I certainly didn’t break any of my I’m-fast-as-sh*t time records, it was one of my most fun runs to date.

Afterward, I showered up, grabbed my billfold and headed to town for some provisions. I had no idea what I’d find or where I’d land, but my plan was to just follow my God-given intuition.

My first stop was a massage and intuitive reading store. I had no intention of doing anything outside of perusing their jewelry section. When the lady at the front desk started yakking at me, I should have made a beeline for the door. But oh no…that would have been far too brilliant. After all, I was following my now-obvious-to-me-it’s-completely-f*ing-broken intuition…and ended up spending the entire afternoon there.

First up? An energy massage. The guy’s nickname is Magic Hands so I thought, WTH, how bad can this be? So he leads me upstairs, I make my way under the covers on the table and we’re off to the races.

I swear to you, over the course of two hours, I experienced more crazy sh*t than you can imagine. (Just to be clear here, it was nothing sexual.) At one point, Magic Hands crawled up [on top of me], sat on my a** and kicked me in the back 100 times to get the “evil” out of me. What?! He then attempted to open my crown chakra (located on the top of your head) by pulling my hair a few dozen times. (Does that sh*t work?) Finally, after I have thoroughly had my a** kicked, he tells me I need more nurturing and promptly recommends I pay someone to snuggle with me. (Folks, you can’t make this sh*t up.) 

But the story doesn’t end there.

After my throw down with Magic Hands, I made my way over to their Master Shaman who used sound to re-align my chakras. (By this time all I really wanted was a VT, a bath and a nap.) Anyhoo…at the end of my session, (which was actually pretty good), I was allowed to ask the Universe three questions. I won’t bore you with all of the details, but my last question was:

How can I do my part to heal the planet?

She said, (after consulting her cards, the stars, Source, God, whomever), “Live in the now. Be present. Get out of the past and don’t worry about the future. Be in the now in everything you do.”

After my session, I got back to my pad and immediately put her advice to work. (Which is another way of saying I guzzled a VT, took a bath and snagged a much-needed, well-deserved nap.)



P.S. If you think I’m kidding, there are people you CAN pay to cuddle with you. (Who knew?) Click here to read more.

P.S.S. Have you ever left a massage wondering WTH just happened? Come on over and share!

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Last week I had the good fortune to meet another one of the amazing women in my 100 Days of Sole Challenge. Suzanne and I laughed our heads off over dinner and drinks…thanks sister for a super inspiring, outrageously honest chat. (She’s chasing her first half-marathon in November — awesomesauce!)

Suzanne Addington

3 Responses to Paying For Snuggles.

  1. Trena Roudebush August 13, 2013 at 10:13 pm #

    Phew. I’m glad I’m not the only one who plays make-believe-I’m-doing-a-crazyass-Ultra on trail runs. The rest of this… well, I’m speachless.

    • Brook August 14, 2013 at 12:17 am #

      Trena — I thought of you and your recent trail half the ENTIRE time. I have a sneaking suspicion that I’ll NEVER be an Ultra-marathoner, but damn it, a girl can dream. lol. So glad I’m not alone in the “make-believes!” Nothing left to do here buy carry on!

  2. Paula August 14, 2013 at 2:56 pm #

    This was one of my favorite reads… lol… I hope you got the chakras lined up for the day and that helped the nap as much as the VT did! Did you run in the heat?

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