What it feels like to be run over by a freight truck (literally), beat the odds, and keep crossing BIG finish lines.

Colleen Kelly Alexander

Colleen Kelly Alexander – Clinton, Connecticut

Colleen Kelly Alexander is a lifelong athlete whose world was shattered in 2011 when she was run over by a multi-ton freightliner. Crushed, ripped apart and bleeding out, she flatlined twice, spent five weeks in a coma and has since endured 20 surgeries. Defying diagnoses, dire predictions and death, Colleen stunned doctors by bucking the odds and coming back to run more than 30 races and complete 8 triathlons. (Including a Half Ironman in August 2013.) This weekend, she’s in Boulder, Colorado, preparing to take on her second 70.3 event.

Earlier this week, I had the chance to hop on the phone with Colleen for a little 1:1 time — not only to talk about her trauma – but to hear about her amazing, powerful, unbelievable journey back to health.

By the time we hung up, I knew YOU needed to hear her message, too.

That’s why today…  instead of reading about her incredible story of survival…

I want you to hear it — directly from her.

Click here for exclusive, (instant!), access to the recording of our call.

Not only is Colleen’s story one of remarkable comeback… but it serves as an ongoing testament to the potential every single one of us has to persevere.

I guarantee, it will make you believe ANYTHING is possible.



Colleen – you model strength, commitment, tenacity and ‘can-do’ famously. Thank you for sharing your heart and your experience with us… it’s an honor to know you.  May the sun be on your face and the wind at your back in Boulder. Onward! xo

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It took a lot of smart peeps working behind the scenes to make this call happen. If you like what you heard… let us know!

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