“I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading your updates. I have been playing with the thought of signing up for a full. I ran the Louisiana Half this past January and loved it. Well you know, as much as you can ‘love’ the craziness of it all. January 19th, 2014 – I am signing up. I’m in. I have been inspired by your honesty.”

Birgit Moore

“Thank you for all the time and effort you put in to your blog and FB page, I can see and feel the inspiration and openness you have to share and both are definitely needed! Love that you post often, as I get bored with those who don’t. We run/exercise daily – yet most do a weekly update and that is only the highlights. As a female runner I like to hear the good, bad and ugly of it and again appreciate your frankness and willingness to share the high’s and low’s. It is definitely character building in many ways and makes me feel normal and okay to have the ugly stuff.”

Barb Brummer

“I am STOKED to hear about your next big adventure! So excited to follow you wherever it takes you. Your blog is hilarious, but the real reason I follow is because beyond being funny, you are real. You tell it like it is, whether it’s funny, sad, painful or brings tears of joy to your eyes. THAT is what I love about following your journey and that is why I will follow, no matter where your journey takes you. I’m pretty sure that you live OUT LOUD every single day and whether you have a huge goal you are chasing or you are just plain living life, you are an inspiration to others. Thanks for sharing your video, your journey and whatever is to come next.”

Cheryl Falke

“I find that I’m always excited when I see that you’ve posted something new on your blog. I am honored to be part of your adventure and will absolutely keep in touch! I hope you know that there’s nothing you can’t accomplish! Talk about the ability to kick the world square in the a**, girl, I’m thinking you should run for president! You have the ability to allow your readers to feel like they were with you on your latest adventure as your BFF! It’s wonderfully refreshing to see such a strong, genuine, confident, honest, determined, beautiful woman who won’t accept that she can’t do something just because she is female!”

Christie Martin

“I have to say I just ran across your page, super bored, waiting on a delayed flight in the airport and I loved it!! I “found” running, as cliché as that sounds, about 7 weeks and 3 days ago (thank god for running logs). It has changed my life! Love your writing. Love your honesty and candidness. It’s so refreshing. So thanks!”

Lindsay Parker

Wow, Brook! Thank you so much!! This is just the coolest thing, getting to know another sole sister on the journey. You have really revitalized my training through your hilarious humor and just downright, real honesty about all things running. You know I can relate! You DO so rock!”

Lisa Keen Harkins

“Thanks to you and your inspirational journey to your marathon…..I just signed up for my own!! Twin Cities Marathon Ocober 6th! Thank you so much for motivating me and inspiring me to do something new to challenge myself!”

Joann Boutwell

“You are an inspiration and one of the greatest women I have had the pleasure to meet. Waiting with baited breath to learn of your next adventure!”

Vicki Ankerstar Blattert

“Your post about “falling back in love with running” reminded me of why I ran and found renewed courage. LOVE! reading about your journey, you’ve inspired me! I finished my second 1/2 marathon couple of weeks ago but I’ve been too scared to try for a full until I stumbled on your blog. It is time to time to face my fear and start training for a full this fall! Thank you sole sister and the best of luck on your big day!!!!”

Yvon Gordillo Smith

“Please tell me you’ll continue blogging after this marathon is over. I’ll be hitting up my first marathon someday and need some Brook humor to get me through it. ONWARD!”

Sarah Tierney

“I stumbled upon your page somehow and am so glad I did. I love reading your updates and stories. I really got into running this year. Ran my first 5k, then 10k now I’m training for a half marathon and I just love reading about your runs, your thoughts and just how real you are. Keep it up! You truly are inspiring. Thank you!!”

Talisha Reupena

“I think it’s wonderful that you’re sharing your experience with everyone. Wish I had found a blog like yours when I was training for my first – it would of made the journey a lot easier. Onward girlfriend! Can’t wait to hear how you did and what your next venture will be. And if you’re looking for any running buddies, I’m not too far…”

Connie Smith

“I can’t say enough how much I enjoy your blog and facebook page. Keep up the great work soul-sista. I have found that some blogs that have come up as a “suggestion” for me on facebook are all roses and fakeness and I don’t really roll that way. I find them to be more defeating then motivating not yours! You are real and for that I truly admire you! I will be cheering you on from MN as you run your first full! You got this!”

Amanda Lang

“I’ve been following your blogs for about 2 months now…since I started training for my own first Marathon. Your words are so encouraging, funny, and downright TRUE! When I’m exhausted and don’t want to do it anymore, I can read your story and see that you felt the same way. It is comforting. Thank you for all you do when you don’t even know you do it! Happy running!”

Tesha Thrailkill

“I did it! Was one of the hardest things I’ve done, but worth it for sure! Had some serious hip pain at mile 10 but managed to run the whole thing. I kept thinking to myself “onward” — thanks for your support! P.S. Can you believe someone miles and miles away who you never met thought of you while running today? Pretty cool!”

Laura Albright

“Just finished my first 5k race EVER! I must say I thought of you Brook and your journey to 26.2 miles and it helped me to push myself through my race and run more than I have ever run in my life! Thank you for sharing your journey to the marathon and being a huge motivator!”

Nina Bartz

“Thank you for being inspiring, I am looking for women to look up to right now and your posts are really inspiring! I ran my first marathon in October, most incredible experience ever, been trying to train for one in June, but just haven’t been able to get into a groove with all the stress of life. You’re giving me the courage to get back at it, maybe I can make it happen!”

Jen DiMaggio

“I just found your blog yesterday and (shamelessly) spent a good chunk of my workday reveling in, and reading your experience. I too began a fitness journey this year and have been amazed by how once I began I have met so many people on a similar path which has only spurred me on further! I too hope to do a Marathon at some point, but one step at a time right? Keep rockin’ and blasting your authenticity and enthusiasm, we ladies have to keep each other stoked.”

Bethany Jeanne

“You don’t know me… but I’m running my first in Nashville in April and I’m terrified. Glad to see your posts, your blog, your inspiration… I plan to keep it up and I can’t wait to see pics of you crossing the finish line. I really am sitting in my office crying as I’m typing and reading of your courage.”

Carrie Evans

“I think this is just a plain awesome site – love reading your blogs – the true challenges of running, staying motivated. One of the most REAL blogs about working out and running I have ever read. THANK you for sharing and always looking forward to seeing more.”

Abby Charbonneau

100 Days of Sole Testimonials

shannon-hildebrand“I signed up for the 100 Day challenge as a way to commit time for ‘me’. I knew if I put my money where my mouth was, then I’d have to step it up and own it BIG TIME! I got that and so much more out of it. Another big draw for me to sign up was that I wanted to surround myself with a positive group of women who would support and push me. These women definitely did! We were all at different levels of fitness and had different goals, but it never mattered. They were amazing! I laughed, cried and cheered with them along their journey and mine. I loved the connections I made, and the way these women encouraged me to go beyond what I thought I could do. Now that it’s over, the sense of accomplishment is pretty freakin’ awesome! I’ve made some new sole sisters out of it and plan to keep applauding them on as they take on their next goal! My next one? Jumping on board with Brook for the next challenge!!”

Shannon Hildebrand, Omaha, NE

joann-boutwell“This sole sister group has been more than just a group. We really have become sisters. We have shared some amazingly beautiful, happy moments, and some downright ugly moments, and some sad moments, too. We have supported, loved, laughed, and cried together. This group of ladies were not only supporting me during my marathon, but they were with me in my head cheering me on, telling me I could do it, and they pushed me to accomplish something I have never done or ever thought I could do. I have made some lifelong friends – most of which, I have never even met! (But I hope to God, that our paths cross at some point!) I have never been part of something so powerful as a group of ladies from all over the country getting together and supporting each other in our own separate goal. These ladies, every single one of them, have touched my heart in a way that can’t be put on paper. Thank you Brook for bringing all of us together! I can’t wait to see what is next!”

Joann Boutwell, Rochester, Minnesota

Book Testimonials

“I just found you on FaceBook yesterday and you my friend are my Sole Sister! I just ordered your book on my kindle and I can’t put it down. I am so glad I found you just as I am beginning my marathon training! Nothing is a coincidence. I really needed this! You rock!!!”

Colleen Fisher

“Seriously funny read…even if you have no intention of (ever) running a marathon. Brook Kreder has literally found her medium, and it’s a good one! Brook’s First Marathon, her blog, will also crack you up. Please check out this little kindle gem!”

Theresa Bryne

“Reading “Onward!” now. You make me want to run a marathon even though I’m just training for a half. Keep up the inspiration, you rock!”

Lisa Gordon

“Brook, I bought and read your book and LOVED every second of it! You’re a bit younger and faster than me, but you’re the “same kind” of runner in many ways! I did a half marathon this summer and felt like freakin’ Superwoman when I crossed the finish line!! I’m looking for my “hell yeah” to take my running to the next level. Is there a second book? Power to you… you’re an inspiration!”

Tina Ferrante Kelly

“I just read day 110 in your superdeeduper fantabulous book and was so excited to find it’s not just me. Your book is both entertaining and inspirational. About 2 weeks ago, one of my dear friends from my youth talked me into a half marathon. I have until next July to get there, but reading your book has truly given me the a** kicking inspiration to do it. So, the adventure continues. Here’s to chasing that elusive high! You rock!”

DeeDe Baker

“I ran my first marathon! Finished with lots of tears but it was amazing! Reading your book just a few weeks before crossing that start line made all the difference. Thank you!”

Patty Avila

“Brook, just found you and so happy I did. Your book is hilarious…tears rolling when I read about the extraterrestrial deers! I have run 4 half marathons and running my 1st full in January!”

Jamie Incardona Viggiano

“Yes I’ve downloaded your Onward! book and have had to stop reading because of that 4 letter word-work. I was laughing too loud so needed to put it away till I get home. I’m excited to read it because of the honesty that you seem to show in your writing and posting on FB. Thank You!”

Tina McCoy

“Thank you for publishing your “blog”. I originally found you on Face book via another lady I follow. I downloaded the sample of your book and was pissing myself laughing so my husband said go on and download the full version. I love it! It’s real people telling the truth kinda stuff that makes it so awesome! I am not training for a marathon however i did run a half marathon and find that a lot of what you say can be put into any race you are training for and I really wish I had of read this much sooner. I love how candid you are and how you provided humour and truth. You are inspiring and I really wanted to just simply say Thanks…so Thanks Brook.”

Sandi Swan

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