Protection Against Mayhem.

Golf Club FinalThis morning, I passed a sole sister running with a golf club.

It’s not the first time I’ve seen her out pounding pavement in my neighborhood carrying this could-be weapon. That said, she doesn’t have it with her every day. I wonder HOW she determines if she needs it. Is it based on what time she leaves her house? Is it only when she remembers? Is she psychic? I’m not sure. A part of me thinks this strategy is utterly ridiculous. Another part offers up thanks she’s doing what she thinks she should to stay safe. 

There’s another woman in my area who runs 6 days a week around 4 am. Her strategy? She carries a 18″ stick with 34 jingle bells attached. I asked one day, “Why the bells?” She said, “So the bears and mountain lions hear me coming.”



This picture was taken a month ago directly behind my house. It was the first time I clued in that bears might be a real concern.

I haven’t talked about safety in months. For one, I feel I have a decent plan in place. Two, I’m no expert on the subject so I’ve mostly kept my mouth shut.

But SAFETY keeps coming up.

Last week I chatted with one of the women in my 100 Day Challenge. She mentioned she runs at zero dark thirty, in her neighborhood, several days a week. I asked her about safety…her strategy is to ask God for protection before she leaves her house.

Listen. You already know I’m a God fearing girl. And I think he can handle a lot of b.s. we throw at him. But make no mistake, he gave us a brain and resources for a reason — so we’d USE them.  I asked if she thought her plan was a good one. (It was an honest question.) She said she hadn’t thought about it much, b/c it’s scary to think about. I agree.

So far, I’ve mentioned a golf club, a stick with jingle bells and prayer. And I’m not discounting any of these….they may all work. But there are some crazy people, (and animals!), in our world doing some potentially crazy sh*t to runners. So please, for the love of all things holy, if you don’t have a safety plan…get one.

Here’s mine:
  • I carry mace if it’s dark and my trail is deserted.
  • I wear a ROAD ID bracelet (so they can ID my body for hells sakes) and my eyeballs are always peeled wide open.
  • I take my 100 pound dog with me on shorter runs.
  • I took a self defense class — so I’d have confidence in my ability to protect myself against mayhem.
  • I have a support person (D.R.) who knows where I am at all times on a long run. She knows my ETA at every location. You don’t have to have a support person, but make sure someone knows where you are and when you should be home.

Is my plan the end all be all? No way. Are there other things you can do to stay safe? Absolutely. But in my humble opinion, hope is NOT a strategy. Having a plan is.

I’d love if you’d share how YOU stay safe. Honestly, you never know who it might help.

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P.S.S. I know today was a serious topic, but it had to be said. Please do everything you can…your safety is important to a whole lot of people. 🙂 

P.P.S.S. I will be swimming tomorrow — just got my new swim cap in the mail. Hubs is like, “WTH, you’ll look like an old lady in that.” I so don’t freakin’ care…

swim cap

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3 Responses to Protection Against Mayhem.

  1. Tanya Wragge Kimber July 31, 2013 at 7:21 pm #

    LOve the swimhat! YOu will totally rock it! Good job Brook! Keep it up! You got this!

  2. Paula August 1, 2013 at 2:23 am #

    The hat so frickin’ rocks…. Mark my words… There will be more in the pool just like it, simply because your sexy ass wore it first! 😉

  3. Joli August 25, 2013 at 3:08 am #

    I’m the daughter of a military man, one who will do anything to protect his only girl…he bought me a mini pink taser for when I run alone (which is 98% of the time)…. 🙂 I carry it to make him happy but it really is lightweight and makes me feel a little bit better. haha

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