The Sole Sister Creed: 47 Insanely Cool Guiding Principles That Keep the ‘Soul’ in Sole

Sole Sister Creed

I love being a Sole Sister.

But that hasn’t always been the case. When I first started running, I didn’t even KNOW there was a sisterhood. And had I known, I likely would have been too embarrassed to contribute. (Hey, it took me two years to tell my head from a hole in the road – what did I know?) Not only that, but I was so focused on crossing my own damn finish lines that I honestly could have given a rip about what anyone else was chasing. (Terrible, but true.)

Then… I ran my first half-marathon.

Then… I ran my first full.

And somewhere between those two finish lines, I realized that having support, encouragement and accountability from other fierce, committed women can make or break a training cycle. I also figured out that cheering others on to THEIR finish lines is seriously one of the most satisfying feelings on earth.

Today, I take my role in the sisterhood pretty dang seriously. (I’m sure you do, too.)

That’s why I thought it’d be fun to share what I call The Sole Sister Creed: 47 Insanely Cool Guiding Principles That Keep the Soul in Sole. Enjoy!

1)      Thou shall not judge another sister.

2)      Everyone is welcome in the sisterhood. No exceptions.

3)      When you ride for the ‘sole sister’ brand — protect it like it’s your own.

4)      Take pride in your accomplishments.  Take tremendous pride in the accomplishments of others.

5)      Possess an uncommonly positive attitude.

6)      Finish what you start. Help others finish what they start, too.

7)      Bag your excuses.

8)      Be a chief encourager.

9)      A.B.C. = always be recruiting.

10)   Never belittle or bemoan.

11)   Being a sole sister not only builds character… it reveals it.

12)   When you’re running through hell, keep running.

13)   When someone else is running through hell… push.

14)   When you make a promise to another sister, keep it.

15)   Model courage, bravery, ‘can-do’ and ‘get-ir-done’ shamelessly.

16)   Earn your spot in the club daily.

17)   Say yes to epic sh*t. Excite others to do the same.

18)   Carry matches. Offer them freely to those ready to burn their bridge to sh*tsville.

19)   Never compare. It’s not a competition.

20)   Ignore doubters + naysayers. Insist others do the same.

21)   Be vulnerable. Transparency is sexy.

22)   Unleash the potential of others.

23)   Say thank you, please, excuse me and I’ve got your back religiously.

24)   Ask burning questions. Listen loudly.

25)   Fire your inner-critic. Be available to arm wrestle someone else’s.

26)   Obey your instincts.

27)   Rescue yourself + a sister when necessary.

28)   Own when sh*t sucks. Throw an epic pity party when your sister’s sh*t sucks, too.

29)   Create a super star support system BEFORE you need it.

30)   Be a giver.

31)   Don’t be ashamed to ask for a hand up.

32)   Invest in your development and growth. Share your knowledge widely.

33)   ‘Maybe’ is a con. It’s either an absolute yes or a hell no.

34)   ‘I don’t know’ is a conspiracy. It’s also a bad decision.

35)    Practice resiliency.

36)   Deal in hope.

37)   The sole sisterhood is NOT a popularity contest. Everyone is Queen.

38)   Control the controllables. Let the rest go.

39)   Always see possibilities for yourself + others.

40)   Live where passion + potential intersect. Invite others to hang out on your corner.

41)   Positive doing trumps positive thinking.

42)   Elegantly speak the truth.

43)   Take imperfect action. No action = no progress.

44)   Court momentum.

45)   Small inspired steps + consistency = mind-blowing finish lines.

46)   Be a mentor.

47)   Keep your sister’s secrets, secret.

Before I go — I want to hear from you. What’d I miss? What guiding principles would you add to this Creed? Come on over and share at



P.S. Yesterday we opened enrollment to my Inner Circle of Sole. If you live, breathe, sleep and ‘run’ by these guiding principles, too – see if our sisterhood is right for you here. (We’d love to cheer for you!)

 P.S.S. Marathon No.3 is Saturday in Duluth… I’m all kinds of bat sh*t. I promise you’ll get the raw version of the TRUTH, (and the blow-by-blow), next week.

P.S.S.S. Hey — I love, love, love sole sisters and their personal sole stories. If you’re ready to inspire 1000s of other women by sharing your accomplishments, click here and lets get started. xo


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