Sole Sister Story: Walking Away From Domestic Violence and Running With Grace

Grace Boyd

Grace Boyd – Aledo, Texas

I have always been a runner… ever since I can remember. I never really did anything more than a 5k and a Spartan race, but I have always loved to run.

Four years ago I married the “man of my dreams” and all seemed really great for the first year and a half. I worked full time while he finished up school… he was working on a Master’s of Divinity because he was going to be a chaplain in the Navy.

To make a long story short, 2012 hit, I got pregnant and started looking forward to the next chapter in life. He, on the other hand, started popping pills. All this time, I was pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing; it has always been my dream to be a trauma nurse.

From there, things went downhill fast. During my pregnancy he went through three jobs and began isolating me from all my friends and family. He pushed me to look for other jobs, (on top of my current one), took every dime I made, and became verbally abusive. I followed him blindly thinking this was just a hard time and that he was stressed because of the job situation.

I never thought he had a drug problem. When I went into labor with my daughter he was not there. (I found out later he was out getting high.) Over the next year he was never there for us, I couldn’t depend on him to help me with the baby, he became very volatile and aggressive and things quickly escalated to domestic violence.

He started selling pills on the street and forced me to go with him with our baby in the car. I knew something had to change or I would lose my daughter, something I could not live with.

October of 2013 I left him. He went to rehab, and I have not looked back.

Since divorcing him I have found new purpose in life. I have hope once again. I have gone back to school and should be in nursing school next fall, I’ve started running again, did my very first 10k last March, I’m doing a Spartan Beast on November 1st, and I’m chasing my very first marathon in February of 2015, the Cowtown in Fort Worth, Texas.

My daughter and I are doing fine, she has suffered a little PTSD from his violent outbursts, but I am blessed with a very happy almost 2 year old. Today, I want to encourage all women out there that if they are in a domestic violence situation there is hope and DON’T be afraid to speak out. THERE IS HOPE!

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Grace… thank you so much for sharing your story here. You are strong, powerful and courageous beyond measure…. and sister, we’ll be cheering for you all the way to Cowtown next year. ONWARD! xo 

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